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New seller help and advice

I’m new to Folksy trying to get my views up and sales to start. I’ve got 10% off till 31st July code: Folksy10

Any advice greatly appreciated

One suggestion I have is that you need to promote your shop on social media.
I checked your Facebook page and I can’t find any mention of it so add a link in to your shop on there and post on there regularly with links to the item on Folksy. You should also be able to add a ‘Shop Now’ button on to your page will bring people straight to your shop.
I also use Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to promote.

I’m happy to tell you what i think, but fear you wont like it. I popped on your shop and it looks too “brief” the profile and about me didnt really say much. There wasnt an explanation as to why they should choose you.
The pink banner background isnt personalised so it sort of looks like you dont care. I know that won’t be the case, its just the impression it creates, especially when you tot it up with the brevity of the profile.

Such a shame as the products look really interesting. I would spend a few hours working on the appearance of your shop, especially the banner. Maybe make the banner shop name out of scrabble? Whatever you think will work. But people need to feel your passion.

I agree with everything the otehr person said about Facebook links. I only linked mine last week oddly, but i am getting great traffic now. Not so much form twitter though.

Of course i could be talking rubbish as we are a new store ourselves. But its well intentioned rubbish

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Thank you so much for your reply, i’m still getting used to how this all works and what bit i can change etc. I will definitely be putting some time aside to update and try and make it better.

thank you again

Thank you for your reply. Still trying to work out all of this with what i can and cant do. Will definitely be updating the Facebook page. Will have a look into adding a shop now button.

Thank you again

This blog post will help you set up facebook so that it shows a selection of items in your folksy shop

and here are facebook’s instructions on how to add a shop now button to the page or these might be clearer

I think its worth getting your friends to try and find your products on folksy using the search function - this allows you to see what sort of search phrases they use (and so what sort of tags you should be putting in the listing) and also allows you to compare your product to similar things on folksy (it what shoppers are doing).
In your listings it says that the frame comes with glass - I think it would be worth mentioning how you package the item to ensure that it arrives safely with the glass intact, if I was a potential shopper that is something i would need reassuring about having previously had items broken in the post (also make sure you are charging enough for postage and packaging, I’m looking at a listing with £3.30 P&P which doesn’t strike me as enough to cover bubble wrap, a box and postage but maybe I’m wrong).
Good Luck