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New member needing help and advice!

Good evening Folksy friends. I’m fairly new here and I know it’s been a very long January but I’m struggling to get footfall to my shop and only have 1 sale under my belt. I have created an instagram page and try to update that regularly but I could really do with some advice from more established and successful artists. Any advice or follows you could give me would be much appreciated this is a new beginning for me and I really want to make it a success!

Hi Helen

Welcome to Folksy and just a couple of points as my bed calls me…

First of all I looked at the only social media link you have on your page and yes it takes me to your instagram page which has a direct link to your E*** shop but none at all to Folksy. I notice you mention Folksy in the text of one of your posts but without a link I would expect any viewers to hop across to E*** rather than bother to find you on here…

Second… I wonder why you are using collections when you only have one… that pushes your listings down the page which is not ideal. You give very little details in your listings. Even a size would be handy. Could you not make the title more descriptive.and flesh out the description a little. it reads as so short that you didn’t care and I doubt any potential customer would google “Eucalyptus lantern”

Hope this helps a little. I would recommend expanding your social media. Pintererst Facebook Twitter and making sure that somewhere you have a link to your shop here.Also take a look at other similar listings on here for examples of more descriptions. After all, all your customers get when looking at your listing is what you give them, They can’t pick your lanterns up and look at them so you need to tell them in words why they should buy them.

I would consider expanding your social media. Pinterest is easy to use for you and others who are free to pin your items to their boards. Many of us who use these forums regularly pin each others items and I get regular visits from Pinterest to my shop.
Facebook is very much still a big player, though it can take a bit longer to build up a following. I have made sales as a result of posting items on Facebook.
Make more use of Instagram. I know it only allows one clickable link, but if you have more than one shop, you cam alternate the link so that viewers can visit your Folksy shop at least 50% of the time. Instagram has bought me several sales over the past year.
I’m new to Twitter but I would definitely recommend that too, you can build a following quickly.
The more social media outlets you use, the better.

I would also like to thank you, We have been on for a year nearly and have had one sale. We are also struggling. My son is the woodworker, and at 19 years old, he is trying really hard to make a go of his craft. We will try to increase our social media. Again thank you for your advice.

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As Joy mentioned, I would add a little more detail to the description. Size is probably most important.
You have LED candles in for display - a buyer might want to know if it is safe to use real candles.
Take photos from different angles, maybe from above, or perhaps with the door of the lantern open.
Your spring wreath is lovely, but there is no size. Also, does it have a hook for hanging? All things a potential buyer might want to know.
Your shop is lovely and I’m sure your items will sell well for weddings/Christmas. Good Luck x

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Thank you so much for your helpful advice Joy. I shall work on my descriptions, I was very conflicted when putting them up as I didn’t want to box myself into 1 particular market ie calling a lantern a wedding lantern for favours or centrepieces so I just went with a very simple description. I’m new to Instagram too so I’m trying to get my head round that! Thanks for taking the time to give me advice it’s much appreciated!

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I would agree with all of the above advise, descriptions are very important and so is social media, I’ve just found and followed you on instagram, good luck with you shop. :slight_smile:

Thank you Chris, I have a lot of work to do on Socials I have just set up a Facebook business page and I will definitely take your advice on using Pinterest that is a great idea! Much appreciated

If you don’t want to box yourself in then you can leave anything like “wedding” out of the title, but put a sentence in the description saying something like “would be great to brighten up a conservatory or as a wedding table decoration”… if you give a few examples of use then you’re not being constrictive but if someone is specifically searching for a wedding, your item will hopefully still come up in their search.

Thank you Kim, I’m working on it at the moment. It might take me a few try’s to get it right! Thank you all for your advice x

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Ref description, you might consider adding some detail about how you package/post as these are potentially vulnerable and it’s useful to reassure people they will arrive safely. If not that then a photo of one packaged up ready to send might be useful on your listings.
(I mention it on my lampshade listing in all my outlets and I’m close to 300 posted put safely - it reassures people )

Thank you Dawn that’s such a good point, I shall add this info in too! Thanks for the advice x