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New on here!

(Lavender Blu Designs) #1

Hi there! This is my first day on Folksy, so I thought I’d just pop by and introduce myself. My name is Sue and I’ve just launched my shop Lavender Blu Designs. All of the items currently listed in my shop are entirely hand-stitched (no sewing machine involved!), although I have just invested in a sewing machine, so shall be launching a new range of handbags, shoulder bags and mobile phone holders very soon. Please take a look at my shop and see if anything catches your eye!

(Rachel) #2

hi @LavenderBluDesigns :slight_smile: love the london scottie dog Rachel

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Hi, welcome to Folksy! Love your bright pink patchwork bag, so colourful. It would brighten up any room! :smile:

(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi. Welcome to Folksy.

You have a lovely shop :grinning:

Karen :tulip:

(Helen Dale) #5

Omg - so envious of the chat noir fabric! Lovely shop…and welcome.

(Linda Carter) #6

Hello Lavender Blu, your items are lovely, I especially like the brown bear cushion.
I hope you do well on Folksy. Linda x

(Ali Dufty) #7

Hi Sue @LavenderBluDesigns . Lovely items in your shop , lots of TLC involved there !!!
Good luck here on Folksy and look forward to seeing your proposed items too :smile:

(Heather De Gruyther) #8

Hi @LavenderBluDesigns - great looking shop, love the dogs! Good luck with the new shop :smiley:


(Teresa Bettelley) #9

Hello @LavenderBluDesigns! Love your shop, and have just clicked the linen cat ‘love’ button to add to my favourites… Good luck! Xx Teresa @ Shirley Rainbow

(Sue Mellem) #10

Hi Sue @LavenderBluDesigns. Welcome to Folksy. Love your Scottie dogs.

All the best to you on Folksy - and with your sewing machine!

(Lavender Blu Designs) #11

Thanks everyone for welcoming me to Folksy and for all your kind words about my shop. Hope to speak to you all soon on the forums :smile: