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New seller - shop appearance question

Hello! I am quite new to Folksy and have a few items in my shop. I hope to start adding some more items, but is there a way of changing the order of my items so I can group them together by product type? My products are quite varied.

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Hi there, if you go to your account and click 'shopkeeping you can change the order your items are presented on your shopfront.

If you go to ‘collections’ you can make different categories, (like you can see here on my shop front ) then head over to ‘shopkeeping’ to select what category your item should be in.

However, when you’re listing your item, if you have a collections named already you should be able to select it during the list stage so you don’t have to visit collection directly. Hope that makes sense! Welcome to Folksy :slight_smile: Adorable by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I have done it now and I am so much happier with how things are laid out. And it was very easy to do now that you have pointed me in the right direction. Very much appreciated!! Thanks again :slight_smile: x

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Gets a lot harder once you have stocked your shop! I can never keep mine organised no matter what i do!

I look forward to having enough items to have this problem! :wink:

While on the subject of shop appearance I wish it were possible to change Folksy background and layouts - so many lovely free backgrounds out there and all we get is white - just a thought…

Actually, I like the clean look of the folksy pages! Also, I think it’s improtant to keep a consistent look as far as possible for all the shops. We can personalise banners etc, but we need to make sure folksy as a whole has a coherent look.


Yes - you could still have a white background - but you could have other colours too if you wanted …or not
and it would still look Folksy .