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New to Folksy - some help please!

Hello! My name is Julie and I have just started selling my handmade quilled cards. I am so excited to have my first sale and I wanted to ask for advice about contacting the buyer. Should you send them a message to thank them for the order as soon as the sale comes up or contact them when you have posted the item (which in my case will be today and the order was placed last night)? In the past I have only sold unwanted items on ebay and have never really contacted buyers other than to leave feedback. A second question is, when should I leave feedback? I hope someone can help with these 2 questions or any other advice about my shop. Thank you.

Congratulations on your first sale. All you need to do is mark the item as shipped on your dashboard, anymore may be considered spam. I always leave feedback straight away, sometimes it isn’t possible if their not registered. I always leave feedback for something I’ve bought until I’ve received it. Sometimes late as I often forget!

I simply email saying thank you for your order via for…

I will post your order out to you…

I always let them know they can contact me if there are any problems.

This is so my customer knows I’ve seen the order and am auctioning the order.

I post off my item then come back and hit items shipped on my dashboard.

My emails always go from my business email address which has my shop name in it ie Eileenscraftstudio@ so I head my email your Your order from Eileenscraft studio via

I sign of Eileen and underneath I have

Just in case as some people order from lots of sites.

Hi Julie. Welcome to Folksy and congratulations on your first sale!

It’s always nice to contact a buyer to thank them for their order and either let them know when you are going to post it or that you have posted it, so they know when to expect their item. There are no rules about when you should do this, but a prompt reply as soon as possible after the order has been placed is always appreciated and gives a customer confidence that their order is in safe hands.

Again there are no hard and fast rules about when you should leave feedback for a customer. You could do it as part of the ‘Item Shipped’ process or you could wait until the item has arrived and the order is complete?

We have a blog post here with lots of useful advice about Good Customer service and the information you should include with your orders and conversations etc


Thank you all for your replies and for directing me to the customer service blog. :relaxed:

I always reply straight away to thank them for their order and that I’ll be posting it off ASAP. I find my customers appreciate this and if I buy anything online, I like to get a confirmation of the order.