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New Wedding Categories

Hi everyone. We’ve added a new category under Weddings called ‘Wedding Thank You Gifts’.
This is the place where you can list now all your products that would make great gifts for bridesmaids for the Mother of the Bride, or for your best man and ushers. There is also a subcategory in there for Wedding Thank you cards.

We’ve also added a new subcategory for Wedding Decorations.

As we’re now in Wedding Season, we’ll be promoting these new subcategories over the next few weeks, so it would be great if you could start adding to them and fill them up with lovely things. Please do keep everything relevant though! They are specifically designed for Thank You gifts for the wedding party, not for wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

If you have items that are currently in other categories (eg personalised cufflinks listed in ‘Cufflinks’) that could make good Wedding Thank You Gifts, it could be worth creating a new separate listing specifically for your product which uses relevant keywords (eg Best Man Cufflinks - personalised cufflinks for your wedding) in the title and description as these will rank more highly in Google than generic items, and adding relevant tags too.

Don’t worry if you can’t see your products in there yet. As all the subcategories are new, the product will show up tomorrow as the site is being updated tonight.


Just rearranged some listings into the bridesmaids category. I’ll put some of the larger pearl earrings in the gifts for the mother of the bride later on!

Thanks for adding these new categories. I’m finding them very helpful.

Sam x

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That’s great, Samantha. We’ve also created some new sub-categories where you can list personalised jewellery (see the individual jewellery categories - eg and a brand new category for all personalised art prints

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I’ll shuffle a few things about whilst I wait to buy proms tickets (currently 327 in the queue).

For a couple of items I had to recategorise them twice - on my dashboard they showed up as being in the new section but when I looked at the appropriate guide they weren’t there (I had refreshed the page to make sure that up dates were shown). Redoing the recategorising on my dashboard solved the problem and they appeared in the right place.

Thank you Camilla! I’m saving up for some letter stamps…

Sam x

I’ve done some reshuffling too, so some of my coat hangers show up in the new weddings catagory, as I think every special dress deserves a beautiful coat hanger.
Suzzie x

I’ve added a lovely, delicately shaded enamelled copper heart pendant in lilac and pale green with a little millefiori flower which I think would make a lovely ‘thank you’ gift for a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, mother of the groom or any of the wedding party who deserve a big thank you!

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I’ve just added some jewellery to the he Mother of the Bride thank you section

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