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Newbie saying hello in need of suggestions too

Hi everyone, I’m Claire, the owner of Hollyhock Fibre Company. I had dye yarns naturally and offer a plastic free product and packaging.
This will be my second time I have uploaded products and feeling a bit disheartened to be honest. I’ve been growing my Instagram page, getting great feedback and likes and nothing is converting this time around.
Not sure what else I can be doing, any pointers would be happily received from the pros here xx thanks


Hi Claire, think things are slow at the moment. But as you are on IG, and you get great feedback, but do you interact with other pages? Get to know them. Not all come to my page to buy, we chat and have a good laugh. Just a thought?

Hi Amberlilly,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I do but it as much as I need to be with other accounts. I always respond and chat to those on my own posts too and have some great contacts via here.
I thought with the lead up to Xmas it would have been busier, are other people experiencing this?xx

I get the feeling people are watching their pennies this year. Election and Brexit isn’t helping.

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Yes, unfortunately so :neutral_face:

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Yes things have been slow for the last couple of months…I am sure once the country decides ( ha ha…could be years) then things will pick up again…
Welcome to folksy

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Ahhh thank you xx

@HollyhockFibreCompany Oh my goodness, your yarn is absolutely beautiful!! :yarn: Just favourited your shop for when I can treat myself.

I agree with the others, it’s much quieter for me on here this year, I’m currently blaming Brexit for everything! :wink:

Natalie xx


Hi Natalie, oh thank you for the feedback, that’s lovely. Xx just had a quick look at your knitted goodies…love them xxx i just wish i had more time to knit.

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Ahh thanks very much xx

Hi Claire, I’m another newbie and feeling a little apprehensive, I’ve never done anything like this and although I too seem to be getting plenty of views I haven’t sold anything. Hopefully the new year will see us both dealing with a rush of customers :sunny:


I wish you all the best for your sales in 2020.