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Today I have listed my 100th item but

(Andrea Martin) #1

I have still had no sales. Any thoughts?
I have been using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and have a few of my items in Folksy Gift Guides. Am I just being impatient?


(Emily Clayton) #2

Hi Andrea
Your stuff is lovely and the photos are stunning. Just be patient the sales will come.
Good luck with your business.
I will send you an invite on Facebook if you don’t mind.
PS I’ve liked your shop

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I think Emily is right patience is required (along with promotion, always more promotion). Once people start thinking about Christmas cards and parties orders will start coming in.

(Karen Ellam) #4

Hi Andrea @ColourTheirDay

Your shop is amazing and so full of colour and cheer. I always smile when I see your work on the front page.

Patience really is the key, and lots of promotion…

Wishing you all the best with your shop.

I will promote some items from your shop on Twitter etc… Whilst I’m supping a brew :stuck_out_tongue:


(Andrea Martin) #5

Thanks for your kind words, Sasha and Emily!
I think I need to listen to my own advice I give my kids - be patient and be positive!!

(Andrea Martin) #6

Thanks Karen
I’ve liked your page! And I have to say I love your work - especially your foodie charms!


(Andrea Martin) #7

Hi Karen,
Thanks for the like on Facebook.
Just a quick Facebook question - I’m quite new to that as well - do you know why I can’t see the post to my page you made anywhere? (I saw it in my notifications but can’t see it on my page!)


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

Your stuff is lovely, Andrea. I think with promotion you have to do more than , say with Facebook, just have your own page. You need to target people who are your potential customers, so either boost a few posts with targeted advertising for the right demography, or join some FB groups where you know there will be potential customers. I’m on some local selling FB groups (not for my crafts as they aren’t the right customers for me, but for selling unwanted stuff), but the majority of members seem to be mums with school age children, and quite a few local people who do craft things locally plug their pages and shops on there and have a good customer base.

Facebook works wonders for me - but I make sure I don’t bother with ‘swapping’ likes with other pages just to get my numbers up, as you will get very little interaction that way. Once every few months I will pay £2 to Boost a post (I make sure it’s one that will appeal to a wide range of animal lovers, as they are my target market) and it usually reaches quite a few hundred new people, I get more genuine page likes from people who want to see more of my work, and usually get some orders from it too :slight_smile: Hope that helps.

(Andrea Martin) #9

Thanks for your advice Sara!

Yes I had been thinking that I wasn’t using FB quite right but was unsure what I was meant to be doing!! Nearly all of the people who like my page are my own friends.

It is all very new and confusing to me! Hopefully I will get there with it.


(Andrea Martin) #10

Hi Sara,
Just been looking into groups on FB but I am unsure as to how to find a group that would be good for me to join. How do you find relevant groups?

Sorry to bother you again!

(Liz Clark) #11

Andrea your shop looks lovely! Regarding promoting on social media, have you had a look over on the Folksy blog for tips?

(Andrea Martin) #12

Thanks Liz
I have read some of them but will go through them again!

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #13

I just typed random keywords into the search box - for example, if I wanted to branch out more and reach people who like parrots (an area I haven’t branched into yet) I would type: parrot / parrot club / parrot fan / parrot owner etc. Or if I wanted to find a local selling site I would type my village / town / county name into the search box and see what came up. I think finding local groups for parents with school age children would be good for you with all your lovely party invitations etc. You could ask on your personal timeline if any friends can recommend any groups locally too.

It took me a good while to suss out FB, but I’m much better at using it now - as for Twitter…well, that’s still all double dutch to me LOL

(Andrea Martin) #14

Thanks that is really helpful.
I feel like I might know where to start now!


(Pauline Hayward) #15

@ColourTheirDay I love your shop it’s lovely and bright. I’m sure you’ll get some sales soon you just need to be patient. I’ve like your Facebook page too so that’ll give you a little bit more exposure.

(Andrea Martin) #16

Thanks Pauline
That is great!


(Karen Ellam) #17

Hi Andrea @ColourTheirDay

If your using a PC or tablet to access Facebook through the website version I think the posts people write on your page are on the left hand side of the screen.
However if your using the Facebook app on a device then I think you have to click to view the post… Oh just checked yes it’s underneath photos and About section. Abit hidden really where it is.

Anywooo just give me a shout if you need any more info. I’m off to whip up a sandwich, and then I need to get cracking on some bead making and maybe some foodie goodies.

Bye for now


(Tina Martin) #18

You have a great shop, lovely items, I think the other’s are right just have to be patient and a sale will come out of the blue! :slight_smile: