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Hello I'm fairly new on here

Hi! I joined some time ago but have just started adding items to my shop. I’m still learning about how to promote my shop. Just thought I would say hi! There are so many lovely things on here. Any tips on selling would be great.

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Beautiful photos, Roxanne! Don’t be disheartened that you’re not getting much response today- it’s incredibly quiet on the forums. I think a lot of people are doing other things or concentrating on their own selling for now. Perhaps you’ll get more replies after the weekend. As for me, I’m not much cop at promoting so not much use to you. Good luck with your shop :slight_smile:

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Hi Christine. Thank you for your reply. You items are beautiful. I hope you manage to sell lots!

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Hello and welcome.

I find the more promoting you do the more views you get, the more view you get the better.

The two things I’ve learnt so far are.

a) promote in as many different places as possible.
When you promote in more places you’ll reach more people as not everyone uses the same social media sites. It’s about not putting your eggs all in one basket.

Here are a list of places I find help some work better than others for reach but as a package they work

instagram (I don’t use this myself but others do, and you can only do it via a smart phone)

Of course craft fairs can help if you manage to find good ones
word of mouth using business cards/flyers.

B) Spreading out your promoting
I do this by not doing it all on all different platforms every day as that leads to stress.
I don’t know about others but what I find easier and manageable is this -
Every time I list a new item or renew a item I promote it that day on one platform, then the next day I post on the next platform on my list of places I promote. It kind of makes it much easier to do small chunks when you have the odd moment.

I do hope some of that helps, and I hope I’ve explained it alright only I’m a bit ill at the moment.


Thank you so much for your advice. It was helpful. You gave good advice! Hope you feel better soon.

Hey! Welcome!! Nice pieces. I’m new here too! Good luck! Xx