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NEWBY! All advise welcome re photos, seo's, pricing etc

Hi All. Yet to break through into a sale - i know i have to add more products. Getting views but no sales, any advise welcome re seo’s, pics, pricing etc. Sometimes struggle to work out how to do some stuff on Folksy, but know this needs more learning time. Have an Etsy shop since end of last year with 20 sales so far. Online selling is a BIG learning curve! Here’s some samples.


I’ve just had a look at your shop and your products are beautiful! You should do well on Folksy. Just need to be patient to start with and build up a following. Promote on social media as much as you can and you will soon find that people will follow you. Hope you do really well.

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Thanks Maisy. Love your dolls!

Thank you - I’ve just followed you on Facebook and Instagram

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Just popped over to your lovely shop, you have some really gorgeous items and like Martine has said it takes a time to build up sales. Wishing you lots of luck :slight_smile:

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Hi Joolz. We’ve just published a new blog post with lots of advice and tips for new sellers. Here’s the link

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Welcome to Folksy.

Your little sleeping mouse is so adorable.

All the best with your shop.

Karen :blush:


Hi Joolz, I really love your art work, I’m assuming it’s from your own original designs, you need to big that up a bit. Buyers love a process, they love to know what inspires your designs and how you print them etc. Good luck.

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll go and review the artwork listings. :slight_smile:

What a gorgeous shop filled with incredible cuteness!! Your photos and descriptions all look fine to me. Promote your shop like crazy and, as others have said, it’s a bit of a waiting game as it can take a while to get established. I see no reason why you shouldn’t do well - your products are adorable. I’m now following your shop.

Hi Joolz,

Such cute stuff you make! I am now following you on Instagram and will like your FB page too. One thing I must say, is looking at your Instagram pics, you haven’t posted any of your final images you use on Folksy. I use Instagram for WIP photos but also informing followers of listings.

Hi there! I’m new to Folksy as well and would appreciate some feedback/advice, I’ve been getting quite a few impressions and views but no sales yet?
Here’s the link:
Thank you in advance :grinning:

Hi. Same here. Plenty of views but no sales yet. Think need more stuff, more pics etc. Keep working on seo’s, maybe get some professional photo’s with different dogs as models. We’re in same boat, so good luck, hope you get a ‘kerching’ soon (me too!). Joolz (FleetFootedHare)
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@FleetFootedHare, you have some incredibly cute items in your shop! I’ve loved and pinned your adorable Mallard duckling.

You have some lovely things, it’s possibly just a case of being patient. It takes a while to get noticed. I’ve favorited a few items for you and followed you on Instagram. Good luck, a sale will come I’m sure :grinning:

Your items are gorgeous, especially your little mouse. I agree with the others, just keep plugging away on social media, hopefully you’ll have sales soon. :slight_smile: