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Newly relisted item images broken and unable to reupload

(Gemma Cooles) #1

I’ve just relisted this item and noticed that the images were broken. I removed the images (which worked except the last which I know I can’t remove) then tried to upload them again. But I got an error message (the photo box just said ‘image error’ and then disappeared) and now my listing has no pictures!

I would just create a new listing if I just hadn’t just paid to relist it!

(Liz Clark) #2

I’ve got the same thing too. I’m sure Folksy are looking into it as I noticed there were some issues on Friday too so it may there’s a problem with the servers.

(Gemma Cooles) #3

Here’s a screenshot of the error and the broken photo.

(Gemma Cooles) #4

Ok, good to know it it not just me, so hopefully the Folksy staff are in the process of fixing it. It looks like all of my expired items have broken photos, I was going to relist them today but I guess I’ll have to wait a few days for this issue to be hopefully fixed.

(Patricia Smith) #5

I’ve had the same. It’s been going on all day - lots of people complaining on other threads. Folksy admin have been notified but there may not be anyone there to fix it on a Sunday! Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Pity we can’t save listings without the photo.

( Carol ) #6

Even on my items already listed not all the photos are showing.

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(Feathered Avenue) #7

Hopefully get it sorted tomorrow, I have last minute handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas I want to get on Folksy asap! lol

(Belinda Hardy) #8

I am having the same issue today, thought it was just me. It’s happening on all images (new listings and relisted.

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(Camilla) #9

Just to let you all know Doug is looking into it and we’re working on a fix. Sorry for all the problems.

(Stephanie Short) #10

Yep exactly the same for me too!

(lindareece) #11

I had this problem elsewhere when using Firefox, but when I looked at my listing using Google the images were all there. The problem is still there on Firefox, including other sellers images missing, so I now use Google all the time for listing and browsing the site. It’s worth trying a different browser sometimes ;).