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No Black Friday it's Rainbow Friday!

As an alternative to Black Friday let’s make it Rainbow Friday instead!


That sounds great!

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@bycharlieshand I always hated the sound of Black Friday, so dreary. I love a rainbow. Can I add your image/message to other social media places?


Of course the more rainbow, colour, prettiness and sharing we can get the better :slight_smile: x

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Have you seen the latest Folksy seller newsletter, Charlie? There’s a big shout out in there!
We’ll be retweeting and sharing any #rainbowfriday posts we see tomorrow too.


This is great! I have shared on my Facebook page…

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Hello all! Im supporting the @justacard campaign with indie Friday tomorrow. Im offering 10% off and free postage with code Nov17 if anyone wanted to take a peak. I hand print linen cushions, make up bags and more. Hope it goes well for everyone!


Great idea, will share :slight_smile:

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I bought something from my favourite maker ( @fionaT) earlier in the week so I’ll be having a #corpsegreyFriday as I introduce everyone to my new workshop zombie Frank (here’s a sneak peek)

Frank is the panda on the left and Gibby isn’t best pleased at having to share… (and yes that trio really do reside in my workshop)


Love Fiona’s work we have a Zombie Fox :slight_smile: x


Yep I saw it earlier thank you! Just want to try and spread some handmade love and support so big thanks for including it on the newsletter along with the Just a Card Indie Friday campaign too :slight_smile:


Such a brilliant idea, Charlie. Congratulations on all your hard work. We’re behind you all the way!!

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i’m behind you too @bycharlieshand
and you @SashaGarrett

…but in a slightly more sinister way than @folksycontent is :wink::joy:


edit: rainbow love fail, sorry!


I just tweeted the poster with lots of #

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There’s also a White Friday Board I’ve been building since last week on here :slight_smile:

I’ve pinned each item that has been added to my post (well one item per shop that is)


@bycharlieshand Did you know your Facebook link from your Folksy shop is broken ?

I reckon we should have an Indie Rainbow weekend. No point in competing against the mass produced sales on the sale day, how about we make the weekend after black Friday ours!? #singsRuleBritannia

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It works fine for me?

How odd. It does for me now too. Maybe your FB page was down for a couple of minutes just as I clicked the link. I eventually got to your page but via your Twitter link and one of your FB tweets.
That’s ok then :slight_smile: :slight_smile: