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No Folksy bill?

I have acrued a payable amount £2.10 + vat but have no option to pay, anyone have any idea why? I take fees seriously and want to pay on time.

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe it’s just a bit slow today

They’ve taken enough money from me, maybe their letting the rest of you have a free month :blush:


My bill came through fine at some point during the night. If its not turned up by tomorrow then drop support an email.

I’m pretty sure that bills of under £3 are carried forward to the next month’s bill.

Sarah x


Mine is over £3

Yes,I looked in help and it says over £2,I don’t love handing over money but for the peanuts this site charges I would rather do it sooner than later.

I think I confused you. My bill is over £3 so I should definitely have got one. I have emailed folksy. To see what’s happened.

No you haven’t confused me,folksy have, perhaps I should contact them.

Sorry I think im confusing me. Hahaha it’s very easily done.
I would if I was you. I have emailed them and I have said I’m not the only one having the problem.

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I have mailed them and told them they could slap on what they waivered when I closed my other shop and transfered to gingakats,that should make it enough to pay,have to see what they say.Meantime I shall try not to pace up and down and wear holes in thge carpet.

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Just ordered some silver to console myself.

Hahaha. Don’t blame you.

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A bit like comfort eating.

And some copper.

It’s worst than comfort eating. I always end up spending money I don’t have

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I always squirrel a little away for such things,the best thing is though that like a real squirrel I forget about some of it and it is nice to find it months later,a tenner here,a fiver there.

I didn’t get a bill last month when I owed a little over £2 but it came through this month cos I owe more. Possibly the £2 threshold is excluding VAT?

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I still should have got a bill this month as I’m upto £3.10.

Me too,mine is £2.10 + vat.