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Where's the May bill?

Doesn’t it usually come in shortly after midnight?

Dying to pay here :heart_eyes:


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I have just been asking the same on the daily listing thread, I think the bank holiday must have confused the system.

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If your balance is very small, it will add up to the next bill. I can’t remember the amount over which you pay…

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It has come now.

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It’s £2. I’ve had a small amount in my account for ages and haven’t paid a bill for months.

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I have just got mine through…I have the plus account and had to schroll through 3 months worth of re-listings and listings to find and check the 8 orders…would be great if the bill could have listings and orders listed separately. Is this a possibility @folksycontent ?

We’ve had a problem with our email system this morning, so not everyone will have received their bills. We’re hoping to have it all fixed very soon though so your bill should come through later today if it hasn’t already.

@KBCreations That sounds like it could be possible but I’m not sure how much work it would be. You could put in a feature request and describe exactly what you need?

Actually, I think there nicer coming in when we’re awake! I now have a phone I can disable at night, but prior to that it would flash and wake me up!

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Thanks Camilla. I got mine now :slight_smile:

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Thank you Camilla @folksycontent I have done as you suggested.

If anyone would like to vote for my idea here is the link.


Just voted.

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That’s a good idea. I had a look at my bill to check the fee for an order and I was horified! :neutral_face:

Great idea, have just voted.