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'Sold' query

(Sally Eira) #1

when you click on ‘sold’ from your shop page and see the images of items that you have sold (and what others can see too), if you have had multiple orders for the same item, does it only show an image for the most recent order for that item? for example i have sold a few of the same card, but the image only shows up once under 'sold’
thanks -x-

(Sasha Garrett) #2

From looking at my sold items, if you have sold multiple of a certain item it only shows up the once when it was most recently sold. Interestingly all the items where I’ve had to cancel the order due to non payment also appear in the sold items section.

(Sally Eira) #3

thanks for your help - i have been getting confused.
yes- my cancelled orders all show up in the sold section too.

(Joy Salt) #4

Yes it will only show once. I had some hearts sold then cancelled which showed there but when I sold them again they were still only there once. Had me quite confused.

(Joy Salt) #5

James did ask me to raise a ticket about the cancelled still in Sold but I’ve never got round to it. Just get used to them being there and I don’t get many cancelled so it’s not a problem.

(Sally Eira) #6

thanks for your help.