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No price on Sold Items.. since when?

Did I miss something? When did they stop showing the price on the Sold Items?

I think it’s good that the price is no longer on display, especially as the price of something may have increased since it was first sold.
Is this something that’s just recently happened or has it been like this for a while and I just haven’t noticed, which wouldn’t surprise me as I’ve often been told that I’ve always got my head in the clouds :slight_smile:
Jan x

I think you will find that the price goes when the listing is no longer active. Recent sales still show a price. It’s always been like that as far as I know.

I think it used to show them and noticed a few months ago it no longer does. Not a bad thing if you make another and have increased your price since last one sold. Seem to remember people asking for it not to be shown.
but…I could be completely wrong ::slight_smile:

If you go to your ‘Listings’ from the dashboard and look at your ‘out of stock’ items, they should still have a price because they are still active (less than 4 month since listed) and you can just re-stock.
If you go to your ‘expired’ listings, they won’t have a price.
That is how it is in my shop any way.

I was meaning on the shop page just under the banner where it shows how many sales for the shop, when you click on the number of sold items it used to show the price of the item now it doesn’t, I much prefer the price not showing :slight_smile:

I think it still works the same…items sold recently, so still active, show a price but items sold a while ago don’t.
If I look at the Sold items from your shop, the 2 latest sales, a card and a sign saying ‘my crafty corner’ both have a price. They were last listed in September, so are still active listings.
Your other sold items don’t show a price because they were last listed more than 4 months ago so have expired.

Oooo that’s strange Kim, those items are not showing for me, not unless I actually click on the item itself, on the page showing all the sold items there is no price, thank you :slight_smile: it makes sense about the active not active things x

Sorry, I think i have misunderstood. I can’t see a price on all the items when looking at the sold page, I have to click on the item first. Then I see the price, but only on active listings…

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