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No sales for a while even though Christmas run up?

(Fallon1986) #1

Hi everyone!

Ive been a seller since May 2011 and had steady sales throughout this time, with increased sales at the generally more popular times (such as Christmas etc). I had a relatively good summer this year compared to last, then all went quiet in September (as expected). However I have not had a sale for a while now, about a month/month and a half, I just wanted to know is this similar for others? I know it might be slightly early for Christmas, but usually by this time the steady sales have started to rise again for me? Im promoting on my Facebook page every day (although not too much to bombard!) and have added new Christmas products for this year into my shop, but nothing yet?

Any advice or similar issues would be appreciated!

(Christine E.) #2

You can get some sort of idea of how things are going on this thread… Are your sales picking up?
My sales and views are dire although it’s a vicious circle- the worse my sales are, the less I feel inclined to spend time promoting…Let’s hope things pick up soon…

(Marg) #3

Hi, I’m no expert, but have just looked how many listings in the “necklace and pendant” category. There are 17,355, I know some of them will be yours, but that’s a lot of competition. I did notice that the ones at the top of the listings just had “Necklace” as their title, not sure whether that makes any difference. Marg. x

(Fallon1986) #4

Thanks for the responses to both!

Christine, Ive just had a look at the thread you suggested (thankyou by the way!) and it seems other people are in a similar situation to me, but are looking forward to promoting at Craft fairs - I have a few booked in as well so hopefully this will boost the online sales too.

Marg - thanks for that, maybe I will tweak my titles to say “Necklace” first then keywords, rather than at the end of the title?

Was just a bit worried that usually this time sales start to creep in, having said that my views in my shop stats are up since last week so hopefully will continue and progress into sales :smile:

(Janet Batten) #5

I know what you mean to get views I feel you have to do so much networking and posting … I just don’t have time and cannot always work out HOW to post. especially the promote the shop above you thing …tried twice and gave up… what else can we do
(sorry rant over and going to bed lol)

(Fallon1986) #6

Hi Janet,

What’s the promote the shop above you? Never heard of that but sounds great!

Yes I find to constantly promote (as well as having a full time job) is really difficult, I do post on my Facebook page every day and in the past week have had another 25 ish likes, I just don’t know why the new likes and shop views aren’t turning into sales!

Oh well first craft fair next weekend then one every weekend at least, until Christmas :smile:

Good luck with yours too hope it picks up!

(Sarah Eves) #7

For me this year, the pattern of sales has definitely changed.

Whereas before it was more peaks and troughs depending on the time of year, now I find I have a flurry of sales at the beginning/end of each month, corresponding to paydays for a lot of people, and then nothing in between!

That’s a definite pattern for my UK sales, on both Folksy and Etsy, with international sales on the other site filling in the gaps.

On Folksy only two of my 189 sales have been outside of the UK, so with this pattern it is much, much quieter for me for me here than it was two years ago.
(I’ve been on Folksy for just over two years)

Sarah x

(Janet Batten) #8

Hi Fallon
I don’t know what the answer is to getting moe sales… The troubled think is is that most visitors are also makers or sellers and there is a lot of sewn items … Therefore too many sellers and not enough people buy.
Maybe craft fairs are the way to go although just as time consuming.
AnywY the link you asked about is on talk folksy entitled
Favourite and show an item from the shop above you … But I have tried to post twice and not managed it don’t know what I am doing wrong

(Sonia Adam) #9

Hi Janet, have you tried copying and pasting the url code (from the bar at the top of the listing page) into your reply box on the ‘favourite an item from the shop above’ thread? What have you tried if it’s not working for you?

(Fallon1986) #10

thanks for this Sarah - I am part of the folksy shop owners group online and someone mentioned yesterday in a post that they don’t think Folksy is being seen as much with “non crafter” so to speak - a lot of people were saying their sales have gone right down over the past couple of years especially recently so in a way that kind of reassured me I wasn’t the only one, although I wish the sales would rise for everyone!! :smile:

(Fallon1986) #11

Hi Janet,

Yes I do find that craft fairs (especially at schools with my own products) are definitely worthwhile - not only do I have the chance to sell there but by handing out my cards/flyers etc it is also a form of free advertising - I am just hoping that as soon as these kick in next week the online sales will start coming in a bit - just a bit worried as every other year they have been coming in by now and nothing!!

(Fallon1986) #12

Thanks Janet and Sonia, I have managed to make my post onto the thread too by copying the link :smile:

(Janet Batten) #13

Hi thanks I will try that