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Oooh Dat Makes Me Mad!

(Samantha Stanley) #1

Butterfly Twists (they make ballet pumps) are continuously posting on Facebook about how each of the (probably hundreds of thousands) pairs of shoes they make are “Handmade” and “Made by Hand.” I’ve been leaving comments on their posts asking for information as to how many pairs of hands each pair passes through before they are ready for sale and whether or not they would describe their premises as a “factory” but they have not replied. This is despite the fact that they have replied to comments asking things like-“Do you do these in this colour?” or “Do you have stockists in the US?” etc, etc…

This makes me fume. They are a manufacturing concern that is stealing all of our halos here without even feeling the slightest bit of guilt about it.

Here is their link so you can see for yourselves.

Note how the photography makes it look like they are appearing on The Sewing Bee :unamused:
Sam x

(Pawcrafts) #2

Hi - isn’t that false advertising - saying handmade?!

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(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

yep Trading Standards would be interested if someone complains

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(Samantha Stanley) #4

I’m not sure it is…There is no information on their site to say how their shoes are manufactured, except in the history part where they talk about sourcing manufacturers to make their new idea for shoes. However, all clothes and shoes could be called handmade because they are made on sewing machines by people in factories. The difference is that different departments are involved in different processes-so somebody sews the seam up the back, then it is passed to somebody else to sew in the insole, then somebody else sews the top to the sole, somebody else shapes the shoe, etc, etc, etc. That is why I asked them how many pairs of hands were involved in the process, and presumably why they did not reply.

I was thinking that maybe there ought to be a Twitter hashtag were companies could be named and shamed for this behaviour. If British Crafters got involved then quite a lot of support could be mobilised against this.

Sam x

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Perhaps the hashtag should be #HandmadeNOT then when people typed in the #handmade, the HandmadeNOT hashtag would come up too.

Sam x

(James Alden) #6

Named perhaps,but they are worshippers of great God Buck and probably know little of shame.

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(James Alden) #7

Chat with us we are online,but of course all us little makers have a chat line set up.

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