Those bad shops are back

I know these shops always appear at weekends so I usually go and take a look.
Just found one selling viagra?..(amongst other things …lol)
I have of course reported it…lol


:open_mouth: I’m new to these forums, so am a little lost!

What are these ‘bad shops’ and do they behave like spam in emails?

They are shops that don’t conform to ‘UK handmade’, usually selling mass produced items and very often not based in the UK. @PoppyDarling

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Oh, I see thank you for clarifying :+1:

this one is selling all sorts of nasty things…and every thing in a foreign language …you can find it in the newest shops and some of the items they are selling belong in SOHO. Sadly I don’t think admin are around at the weekend so it probably won’t be removed until Monday…
They try to sneak in and get sales before they get deleted…not good

Wow, so this happens quite a bit, scary!

Thank you for the heads- up, now it’s on my radar too and will know to report to admin.

Opportunists everywhere :frowning_face:

always check out the new shops @PoppyDarling…they break the rules and try to open selling items that are not allowed…Admin can’t notice everything and rely on us to report the shops…there are report buttons next to each item. I always feel that even if you aren’t sure, you can report it to admin and leave the decision to them…
No one wants these shops on folksy as it show us all in bad light, so if you see any, then click that button.x

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Will do @teabreaks I think it’s reasonable for admin to rely on sellers support (they can’t be everywhere, all the time), so will definitely check out the new shops daily now.

I agree, it undermines genuine sellers and lowers the tone of the site, so thank you for posting tonight- am learning a lot from these forums!


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Made me laugh …it was just soooooo extreme :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


They are most likely to appear at the weekend as they know admin are not as quick off the mark then …sneaky little wotsits


The prices!!! It beggar’s belief they would actually get sales :open_mouth:

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So ridiculous! If you need Viagra go and see your Dr and they will prescribe it! :roll_eyes::rofl:


So funny! :rofl:


anyone got a spare £900?..mmm…no good for an elderly widow…ha ha…
Joy is right…admin need help from us to report these shops and if in doubt, report them and leave admin to decide. x


Me too! You can’t even read what they have written!

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I saw one selling masks the other day. Not home made masks but that kind of Ebay masks. They were very ugly anyway.

There’s also someone selling someone else’s hard work, printed onto cheap canvas. There’s no attribution to the artist so I assume its unauthorised and therefore stolen. I recognised the artist’s work.

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How do you spot these " bad shops " I know I’m not on here very often but never noticed any, just curious

Tracey @bagsofelegance on the front home folksy page it says…“The newest shops on folksy”
I always take a look,…not to find fault but I like to find other artists and invite them to join in on the art chat thread. However, sometimes, something catches my eye and I like to go and look in their shop. The NAUGHTY one, this weekend had something that looked like biscuits…and I love biscuits…so I went to take a look and nearly fell of my chair.
If you see any shops that are selling items that are imported, or breaking the folksy rules, you can report them…Find one of the items in their shop…click on it and next to the picture is a button that says “report item”…click on that and fill in the box… A lot of people sell items that are not allowed and folksy cannot always police everything, so they like us to report items. IF I am ever in doubt…I report the item and tell folksy that I am not sure if it is allowed or not…then I leave it to them…x

Lois @Beesandblossoms I hope you reported it or gave a heads up to the real artist…if that is possible. That is SO naughty and not fair when people work hard at their original designs…x
OK…I think I found it and reported it as well…naughty…oddly if it is the original artist that I am thinking of, this gentleman sadly died and coincidentally lived in the US and a few years ago tried to open a shop which he wasn’t allowed to do, as didn’t live in the UK.

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