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2nd shop or not?

(Jshandmadedesigns) #1

My dear 85 years old Mum knits baby clothes for the local maternity hospital and has done for many years, but of late she has found it increasingly difficult to fund on her state pension, so she has asked me to sell a few of her baby garment knitted sets.
I wondered what other sellers thought about me opening a second shop for her and what is involved to do this, she won’t have loads of items just a few here and there.

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(Roz) #2

Why not give it a try - its easy enough to open a second shop, you only need a separate email address, you can use the same paypal if you want. It will only cost a few pence per listing to try it out and you never know it might take off :slightly_smiling:

(Jshandmadedesigns) #3

Thanks for the reply ok will give it a go, she will be well pleased, she send loads of items to the hospital each month, without a word of thanks from them, so this way she won’t be out of pocket and she can carry on