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Opinion on a giveaway

(Witty Dawn) #1

Hi all your opinions please.

I want to run a giveaway on facebook ( and will do them regularly b4 Xmas ) - should I giveaway a specific item OR a ’ £10 off your order’ kind of offer?

I have 2 objectives - more facebook likes/followers AND ( obviously) I want more orders/feedback/views for my shop.

I’m thinking that offering a £10 off deal fits better with my shop objectives given that the winner will be creating an order ( against which I do a paypal refund) , I had LOADS of sales(300 plus) /feedback for my older shop ‘AudreysCat’ but my WittyDawn shop has way fewer so it has lost that ‘established shop’ feel.

Thanks in advance for your input

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

So basically you’ll give away £10 plus you’re be paying paypal fees and folksy fees. So that would be more than £10’s.

Are giveaways a good tool for bringing in people to your facebook page? I know someone wrote a wonderful blog on how giveaways can in fact have a negative affect ie loss of income. That they don’t increase real followers or bring in sales.

With giveaways you often only get those looking for a freebie who simply search the internet for all freebies and giveaways and will never return once they have what the want. The what can I get for free group. They are not your target market.

How about a special offer buy one get one half price or second item 10% off.

(Witty Dawn) #3

yes I realise the fee issue but if it drives a few more people to my shop to look to see what they can ‘buy’ if they win rather than just looking at my facebook page then I can happily pay the extra for that - hopefully it may help my google ranking.

I have done giveaways like this before and yup you get quite a few freebie trawlers but looking back I think I’ve still managed a reasonable % of ‘real’ people.

I’ve tried the special offer route b4 and had a great 25% reduction on cushions a while back - facebooked/blogged/twitter - not one single sale… :frowning: and given in my time I have sold over 80 cushions online/offline I’m confident on my quality/style/full prices on them - it simply didn;t work for me,

(Witty Dawn) #4

Decided to just go for it ! £10 off in my shop details here if you fancy having a go :wink:

(Heidi Meier) #5

I hope it goes well - please come back and let us know how you did as the special offer vs giveaway debate is something I have thought a lot about and I’d be interested to see what works for others.

(Witty Dawn) #6

lets just say my hopes are not unrealistically high :wink:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

All the best with it :smile:

I like the idea of the google ranking thingie if it works just to do that then it’s a win win situation :slight_smile:

(Witty Dawn) #8

I got another 40 or so followers on facebook, quite a lot of shares on other peoples pages , a sale directly linking to my giveaway and increased views on Folksy so quite worthwhile I think. The winner hasn’t used up her £10 off yet.

I’m doing another one starting tomorrow ( a giveaway as it is also my birthday tomorrow) but this will require people to go to my shop and share a link. It will be interesting to see how many make that additional effort.

I make it very clear what my entry criteria are and post numerous reminders to give people every chance :slight_smile: but I do think quite a few just like and move on without reading entry criteria and thus lose out - hey ho…