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Orange email service being shut down!

We have our email service with Orange and haven’t been able to get on all day, I went onto EE’s Facebook page to see if I was alone in this and discovered via another customer complaining that not only was I one of many to be inconvienienced BUT also that Orange email will be shut off completely at the end of May :angry: so we now need to sort out all our emails and send to a new account as well as contacting everyone who has need of our email address

That is rubbish, sorry to hear of it. Hope you get things sorted quickly.

Managed to get on late last night but still have no official notification from Orange about closure, that’s what is making us so cross, if I hadn’t gone on the EE facebook page to check why the email was down we still wouldn’t know (it will be interesting to see how much notice they think people need to sort it out) Luckily when we bought our new laptop we set up an Outlook email account which has only been used in the setup of the laptop and I have a rarely used gmail account on my phone but I would imagine there are people who will have the hassle of sorting out a new email account as well as transferring everything :anguished: I have a list of websites I need to notify for the running of my business and then there’s gas, phone etc. :fearful: I can see us spending many evenings trawling through emails checking no-one has been missed (although there are quite a few that I won’t be notifying which will hopefully cut down the spam, for a short while at least)

My goodness I hope that’s not true. My Orange email started life as Freeserve so I don’t have one email addresss I have lots and lots and lots of them. Freeserve addresses are variable in front of the @ so my Folksy emails have Folksy in there, Ebay have Ebay, Facebook have Facebook etc. Incrediby useful for filtering and also for removing ‘spam’ (and identifying where it came from).

EEEEK - Freeserve too :frowning:

Ours was originally freeserve, still haven’t received any communication from EE themselves! :rage: Just spent over an hour updating Folksy etc., haven’t even started on gas, phone etc and my head is spinning :dizzy_face: not happy with them at all

I’m just experimenting with pulling in my alternative emails (Gmail) into my normal Windows Email system as I cannot get along with emailing on a web-based system and hate the way they are displayed within Gmail.
So far so good. It is currently downloading all the emails from my Gmail folders. so I’ve left it to it.
If I can get it to work properly then I will start the hard slog of transferring my individual Freeserve addresses to my gmail address. grrrr

This may be the one and only time I will mailshot all my Folksy customers (how many people can you email at once !!!) to notify of my new address.

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