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Some email issues this morning

Hello – there’s a status blog post about this here.
We’ve had some issues with our email integration this morning that I think are fixed, now – I’m continuing to monitor the situation, of course.
Sorry to anybody who’s missed an email as a result of this, please do check your dashboard for any account activity that you may not have been notified about if yours was one of the emails that didn’t get sent.
Thank you,

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Hello, Just to let you know I had a sale yesterday Sunday 23/5 2021 and I had no email from folksy at all plus only got an email from paypal this morning, strange, and yes my broadband is ok.

@johnrichard Unfortunately it looks like the virginmedia server blocked that message for some reason.
Our system will still attempt to send future messages to you (and I see the one this morning worked). It may help to add to your contacts (the emails that have successfully got through were from robot rather than noreply), and if you get any more missing in the future please send support a quick message to let us know.

Thank you.