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Order acceptance confirmation

Hi All,
When a customer places an order, do you send a ‘thank you for your order’ email, confirming what they’ve ordered, where it is being delivered to, when it will be dispatched and how it will be sent, so the customer roughly knows when it will arrive.
If so, is there a way of doing this really quickly, without having to type out all the info?
I was thinking it would be great if we could click on ‘view order details’, then click on ‘order receipt’ and then somehow send this order receipt to the customer, so they can double check that everything is correct, with a quick note of when it will be dispatched and how it will be sent. Is this possible to do, or could it be possible to do?
Thanks Ali

Once I’ve got the paypal confirmation that the funds are in my paypal account and cleared I do send a email to my customer saying thank you for their order. I state what the order is and also confirm the day I will be going to the post office to post the order.

When I get back from the post office I then click the posted button on the order. Although I don’t think I did that properly on my last order as until a moment ago it still showing that posted button and I posted the item on Saturday morning yikes. :open_mouth:

If you click on an order ‘mark as posted’ an automated e-mail is sent to the buyer to say it’s been posted. I only tend to send something for tracking otherwise :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying @EileensCraftStudio
My big issue is that I wondered if there was a quick way to say thank you, with all the info in the email, such as the address, what the item is etc, without typing it all out or copy and pasting it in bits into a email.
The ‘order receipt’ seems to be the only thing that has all the information in it in one place and this would be perfect and really quick to send to the customer with a thank you note.

Thanks @paperchainsandbeads Yes, I understand that an automated email is sent when we ‘mark as posted’.
I was wondering if anyone sends a ‘thank you’ email when the order has been placed, to say when the item will be sent and to ask the customer to check the delivery details and that the order details are correct. My items are all personalised, so they are made to order and they have a 7 day leadtime on them. So as I can’t post them straight away, I was thinking it would be nice to confirm that I’ve accepted the order, that I’ll be making it shortly and when they can expect to receive it, and I wondered if anyone knew of a quick way to do this.

I think it’s a good idea if the item is to be made to order.
I’m afraid I can’t help with a quick way though.
Personally I’d type out like a template email, then just alter the appropriate parts when needed.


Thanks @curiousseagull Yeah, I thought it was a good idea too, as I didn’t want customers to wonder where their orders were.
I’ve set up a template email, but I’ve found it really time consuming to copy and paste the address etc in to it. The way the personalisation details are set out in the notes to buyer means they’re not easy to copy and paste either. it would be super quick if I could send the ‘order receipt’ as an attachment, or copy and paste all of it in to the body of the email.
I wonder if anyone from @Folksyadmin can help?

Thanks for your feedback. I’m so used to sending thank you order acceptance emails which confirm the order details.
I’ve been selling on another online site for quite a few years now (I’m new on here) and the set up there is that the customer gets an automated email to confirm that they’ve placed an order and they get an automated email when I accept the order, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for the customer to double check the details of the order and to thank them.
The delivery details are confirmed, the personalisation details are confirmed, the dispatch details are confirmed, all the details are confirmed back in 1 email.
In my experience, I do get quite a few customers who have made mistakes when they’ve placed an order and some have not noticed my leadtimes. Dispatch is currently 7 days and this can increase to 4 weeks at Xmas and as all my products are personalised, I would prefer to confirm all the details before I start to hand make their order.
My order acceptance emails do not require the customer to respond to them unless there is an issue, but I think it’s a great way to acknowledge that I’ve received their order (especially if they have to wait 4 weeks for it) and it’s a great way for them to double check the information that they’ve given me.


Yeah I agree.
Most of the things I buy, I buy online. So always getting confirmation emails- which you always want at least one of, even just to confirm that your order actually went through.
But if I was buying a custom made/personalised order I think I would appreciate an email from the seller just to confirm everything- in case for example I’d given a wrong spelling or whatever on the personalised details. And yes you’re right, not everyone does check the dispatch time. It’s amazing how many people still think a personalised item will be with them in a day or 2.
If it was just a regular order that wasn’t custom made/personalised, then I wouldn’t bother sending an extra email to them.


Thanks @curiousseagull Thanks my thinking too.

I think my issue is that it looks like the customer gets a few automated emails form Folksy and Paypal when they place an order, but non of these emails have all the information in one place.

I would love one automated email to be sent to the customer that included what the customer ordered, the notes to the seller section (as this is where the personalisation is requested) the price, the delivery address and the shipping date. All of this info is in the ‘order receipt’ but it looks like I can’t send this as an attachment in an email (or copy and paste it) which would be really quick solution.

I quite like a message from the seller, especially if I’m buying from someone new to me. It reassures me that they’ve seen the order and are attending to it, which is something the automatic email can’t do.


I always send a personal message regardless of automated replies. Most customers seem to appreciate it.

Buying on Folksy is a totally different experience than most online marketplaces and I think it is nice to get a message direct from the artist/maker. This is where we can distinguish ourselves from other online shops - with the personal touch.

I am always really chuffed when I buy something and I get a personal message. You could set up various email templates to save yourself time if its becoming an annoyance.


Been so long, can’t remember!!!

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Yes I always send a email I think it’s more personal and a automatic one is just standard run of the mill one.


Yes me too, just to be courteous really and let the customer know I have received their order. If I order something myself I do like to receive a personal email - much more friendly and reassuring.


Thanks for your input @Louisa15 :0)

Thanks for your reply @AngelaCallanan I would definitely prefer to send a personal thank you message :0)
I do have a email template saved, but it still takes quite a while to copy and paste all the info in to it. The ‘order details’ sheet has all the information in it that I would like to send and it would be great if I could do a quick copy and paste (or send this) in an email to the customer.

Hi Ali, no I don’t send out additional confirmation emails. I do if there is a message from the buyer with the order to reassure them that I have seen their message and made whatever adjustments required for their order. Some ask for items to be gift wrapped with a message attached to I would send a confirmation email that that had been done. I’ve read through threads like this before though and most people don’t seem to want additional emails. I always include a hand written thank you note with each order so the personal touch is still there. I’ve been selling online for 8 years now and get a lot of repeat customers so I don’t think it’s a problem. There is just not enough time to send confirmation emails for each order at busy times.
I do think that on Folksy though there should be a way of adding a message to buyer in with the Marked as Posted email, just to say thank you and reassure them that there is a real person at this end dealing with their order.

Does it need to have all those details in there Ali? I usually have what has been ordered in the subject line and then a short note to say thanks for the order etc. Everyone has their own way of doing things so I don’t want to say this is how you have to do it. What do others think?

p.s Milly and Pip is a really lovely shop :slight_smile:

Hi @AileenClarkeCrafts Thank you for your input. It’s much appreciated.
Re: "no I don’t send out additional confirmation emails. I do if there is a message from the buyer with the order to reassure them that I have seen their message and made whatever adjustments required for their order"
That’s kind of my issue Aileen, as my products are personalised, every single order comes through with a message from the buyer.
I’ve been selling online since 2008 and on one of the other market places which I sell on, sends an automated email to the customer when they place their order, and another email when the I accept the order, it’s set up in such a way that it takes just 20 secs to send this confirmation email. This email has every piece of information in it, and it’s a final opportunity for the customer to double check everything before I hand make their order. It works in much the same way as Amazon, the customer gets an email to say they’ve placed an order and the customer gets another email from the seller confirming that they have received the order and when it will be dispatched.
If I was selling non personalised products that were in stock and I could ship in the standard 3 days, I probably wouldn’t want to send an email confirmation, but as my items are made to order, I would prefer to send a quick email with all the info it it to just confirm everything before I start to make the order.