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Order still showing as 'Awaiting Payment' - anyone else had problems?

(Christine Shephard) #1

I had an order last night, received all the e-mails including 2 confirming payment, but the order was still showing as ‘awaiting payment’. I’ve checked my account, seen the receipt and marked it as paid myself, and mentioned it to admin, but just wondered whether anyone else had the same problem?

(Thecraftycurioshop) #2

No, I had an order yesterday and it is all as it should be. Very strange! At least you have the payment, that is the main thing.

(Roz) #3

I have had this problem on all my orders for a while now. Apparently it is something to do with the settings in paypal (although Im sure I never changed them!) I have been in touch with paypal and they sent me some instructions but to be honest I didn’t really understand what it was i needed to do so have never got around to correcting it. I now just manually mark my orders as paid once I get the paypal notification. If you find out what you need to do and can explain it in simple terms Id be interested in the answer!

(Liz Dyson) #4

I lived with this for about 6 months a while back. Like Roz says, it is something to do with PP not sending back the correct code. The instructions were far too complicated to understand and eventually, it was admin that sorted me out, though, like I say, it took an awfully long time. Hopefully, this will just be a blip for you…fingers crossed.


(Christine Shephard) #5

Thanks Roz @Rozcraftz and Liz @lizdyson - I didn’t think it might be a paypal issue. I’ve just checked my seller preference settings and found that the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) option had been disabled. I assume this should be enabled, so have done that, although I have no idea why it would have changed since the last time I sold something! Anyway, let’s see if that fixes it…just have to wait for another sale now :smile:

Edited: I’ve had another think and undone the change I made - I don’t want to mess up the links with other selling sites until I know what I’m doing. I’ll wait for admin to reply to my e-mail and see what they suggest, otherwise I’ll contact paypal and get some help from them.

(Roz) #6

Think something has gone wrong on my ipn settings. Could you tell me what address you have entered in the notification URL bit. I can’t seem to turn my IPN on as the URL gives an error, maybe thats why I’m having problems.

(Christine Shephard) #7

Well, I put in my Folksy shop URL (copied it from the top of the screen) and it accepted it, then I wondered whether that would cause problems with my other shops on Etsy, so took it out again. But you can’t enable IPN without a URL, so I’m not sure what to do now. I don’t recall having to enable it before, so maybe it’s not needed?
Was yours enabled already?

(Roz) #8

I have no idea! I know when I got in touch with folksy and paypal before that was where they sent me but like you I couldn’t work out what should be entered which is why I gave up and left it as it was! Let me know if you figure it out! Roz

(Christine Shephard) #9

Perhaps someone else could look at their settings on paypal and let us know whether the IPN is enabled or not, and if so, what is appearing in the URL box. It would be very helpful.

(Brenda Cumming) #10

a lot of us had items in a customer’s basket yesterday and they are still sat there, so I asked admin if we had to put them back in our shop, or if it was automatic after a set length of time…here is the reply from admin
Hi Brenda

Just to clarify - there is a difference between a buyer adding an item to their basket and them placing an order which is not paid for.

If a buyer adds an item to their basket you will not get any notification, and the item is not removed from your shop until the buyer proceeds to checkout, enters their delivery details and clicks on ‘Confirm and pay’. If an item is simply added to a basket, there’s nothing you can or need to do because the item has not been removed from sale.

It is only at the point of ‘Confirm and pay’ that you are sent an email about the order, you will see the order on your Dashboard and the item is removed from your shop. In this instance, if the buyer does not pay, you need to cancel the order to return the item for sale. You can do this by clicking the ‘view order detail page’ next to the order on your Dashboard. You should see a cancel button towards the bottom of the order detail page.

I hope that helps but if you have any more questions, please let us know.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #11

I had someone ‘buy’ 12 items from Dandelion’s Miniature Gallery yesterday - and I got the sales notifications but no payment for anything. The items are gone from my shop, and not paid for, so I will be returning them. It’s the same buyer a lot of artists had problems with yesterday.

It is really, really clear when you are buying from Folksy at what point you are confirming the order and paying - there’s no excuse for confirming a lot of orders and then deciding against them, you can decide against purchasing before you commit to buying.


(Melanie Commins) #12

A couple of weeks ago I purchased two items at the same time, from two separate sellers.

On Folksy you have to pay one seller at a time, but after I paid the first seller the system took me back to my dashboard and I had to go into my purchases section myself and click to pay the other seller. I raised it as a bug to Folksy support because it was confusing enough for me and I sell on here! I wondered if it might be one of the reasons why some of us get orders that don’t get paid for.

Apparently the system is supposed to take you back to the purchases page so you can click ‘pay now’ for the other seller but it didn’t do that for me. And it was a bit confusing to get the same ‘thanks for buying from Folksy today’ email for both items … even though I’d only paid for one at that point. I think the checkout process could do with some work!