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Order confirmed but no sign of payment

Morning all

A Folksy email has just arrived confirming an order - and this is showing on my dashboard HOWEVER there’s no sign of payment. I’ve not received anything from PayPal and my PP account shows no sign either - not even of a pending payment.

The customer did say she needed delivery by Friday and asked if this was OK, so it is possible she’s holding payment until I get back to her, BUT I am concerned she’s not clicked the confirm and pay button to complete her order and thinks because she’s gone through PayPal all is done. I have emailed her to say I’ve not been paid - if she’s not clicked the confirm button, is there a way I can take her back through the process or is it easier to just send a PayPal invoice ???


Could you email so we can check?
You should only have received an email from Folksy if the customer has paid.

Thanks Camilla @folksycontent I’ve just forwarded the confirmation of sale email and some details to Support. Hope you can help - I’ve emailed the customer but am concerned it will get spammed. She needs the item by Friday - I can do that for her but obviously not until I’ve been paid :smiley:

As she is in contact with you, requesting the item by Friday, I would imagine she is holding payment until she receives your response. Hopefully your message won’t go into her spam folder, but if you don’t hear back by tomorrow morning I’d send her a Paypal invoice, explain why you’re doing that and tell her the item should be with her on Friday with immediate payment. I’d imagine a message from Paypal wouldn’t go into a spam folder. Hope it gets sorted.

Thanks Elaine @elliestreasures and Camilla @folksycontent - I contacted PayPal on Support’s advice and while they denied all knowledge of the payment it ‘magically’ appeared once I gave them the payment processing number Support gave me. All is well now and I can get the item in the post in time for delivery on Friday.