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Urgent Postage not correct at checkout


Hello @folksycontent @dougfolksy
Urgent please, last week the postage on a card sale was £0 and it should have been £1 lucky the buyer paid a different why and I was able to give her the correct price… I checked the listing and it was a £1.00 on it. Urgently I have a blanket sale in checkout and the purchaser has told me it is £1.00 on it instead of £3.95. Again I don’t know why or what to do about this please, I had checked all my postage prices!


I have solved this privately with buyer but can not understand why me postage prices are not being added correctly.

(Helen Clifford) #3

Hi Sue - You might get a quicker response if you email


Thank you Helen, I think I have resolved this one on this sale but I will ask why, but do you know how to add feedback after you have already marked the order as sent, I have forgotten to leave a couple and thought I could return to do this, my fault!!??

(Camilla) #5

Hi Susan. That sounds very strange. Could you email our support team at about this?


Hi Camilla
I have sent an email already, thank you. Helen @HelenCliffordArt was brilliant getting me to the right place, love the community on here…

(Helen Clifford) #7

Hmm …

You could try : on your Dashboard page, down at the bottom left, under Activity, click on Feedback.

But you will only be able to leave them feedback if they had a Folksy Account, rather than being a Guest buyer. You can tell because where it says ‘bought by’ on the order, if it’s just an email address, that’s a Guest. A Folksy account holder would show their name - HelenCliffordArt for instance.



Thanks Helen had tried that, but I know that 3 purchases were from people who weren’t registered on here, so that makes sense. Nothing I can do I guess… I have added it to my email anyway! Thank you for getting back to me again, really grateful…


@folksycontent @HelenCliffordArt
Just a quick update support were fantastic and answered my 3 questions last night…
For the one postage issue, I was told to recheck my PalPal settings as postage
of course that is added at checkout in case anybody else has a problem.
Thank you both.