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Postage fees not appearing on orders 😏

Hi guys

I have just sold an item today, but the postage fees haven’t shown up on the order. Fortunately I know the buyer from previous sales, but I was wondering if there’s a problem that others are experiencing :weary:

I know of this issue happening before. Have a look at this thread - it boils down to whether or not they have selected to pay via paypal and if they haven’t then folksy don’t have the verified address so can’t confirm how much postage to charge (ie UK or overseas) so it gets set to zero. You might also need to check your settings in Paypal - if you log in to paypal then on the settings page there is a ‘my selling preferences’ tab which has at the bottom a ‘postage calculations’ option double check what has been selected there but if memory serves that tends to cause postage to be charged twice (once by folksy, once by paypal).
Hope that makes some sort of sense (my grammar rather looks like it has gone awry)

Hi Sasha…thank you so much for your message, as you hit the nail on the head. The buyer emailed me saying sh couldn’t log into her PayPal and needed to do a bank transfer, so that would be the problem. Suppose there isn’t much we can do when that happens and it’s embarrassing having to ask for the postage :flushed: Hopefully it won’t happen too often as I don’t want to have to put prices up to compensate. I’ll have to put a message on my listing letting buyers know.