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Out of my comfort zone - tips on finishing wood please?

(Julie) #1

Hi everyone

I’m making myself a custom jewellery display stand using pinewood dowels and copper connectors from the hardware store. It’s coming together quite well but I’m now trying to decide how to finish the pine dowels - can’t decide whether to go for a simple varnish and leave them natural or try to make them look metallic. I’ve oxidized the copper fittings, so it’s an antiqued finish I’m looking for if I go with metallic.

I have tried a gilding wax (Treasure Copper) on a test piece which looks great, but will probably be a bit time consuming to dab on - I’ve heard mention of letting it down with turpentine to use as a woodstain, anyone have experience of that? Maybe a metallic paint would be quicker and easier?

Any ideas/opinions/recommendations would be most gratefully received!

Thanks in advance