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Do you use plastic-free packaging?

To tie in with the next Folksy Friday film we’re looking for Folksy sellers who have gone plastic-free or whose businesses focus on sustainability in some way.

So can you let us know by adding a comment below. And if your packaging is plastic-free can you also add the tag ‘plastic-free packaging’ to your items, so we can link to them in a blog post? Thank you!


Hi Camilla!

What a great topic! Being sustainable is really important to me and my whole business focuses on reduce-reuse-recycle. I use a biodegradable corn-starch packaging, as well as recycled boxes, card and tissue.

I’ll be sure to tag my posts with plastic-free as well!

Many thanks,


Hi there,
yes doing ethical products and packaging is important to me. I make jewelry/accesories for outdoors and ‘bushcraft’. I use natural materials where possible, utilising natural fibres hemp and nettle! and all packaging is 100% recycled and/or recyclable. All the products I make so far are plastic free as well as the boxes and envelopes. Hope to post more products soon.



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Sorry but that’s a no from me. Until someone comes up with a see-through; airtight; glass-protecting container which is not made of plastic I’m going to have to stick to my microwave boxes for storage, display and posting.

stainless steel? with recycled plastic lid?

Out of my price range I’m pretty sure, if I even knew where to get such a thing and undoubtedly much heavier which would give me all sorts of problems.
I’m going to have to stick to reusable plastic lidded takeaway containers. Apart from the plastic they are 100% perfect for my usage. :wink:

PS I do recycle packaging whenever I can. I have it stacked up making a mess all over my garage. My post office saves handy sizes boxes for me, friends save me bubble wrap. I do do what I can And my microwave boxes are entirely reusable, no single use plastic round here.
And of course all the glass I use has to come from somewhere which means when sent to me it has to be packaged against breakage. So I save all that packaging too and reuse it.

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I would love to, but it hasn’t happened yet!

Most of my products would be damaged if they got wet, so the outer layer of packaging is still plastic, though they are biodegradable bags. I plan to put a selection of plastic-free bags and boxes out in the garden in the rain and check how weather-resistant each type really is before trusting my precious items to them.

For fragiles packaging such as lampshades I am thinking of moving over from bubble wrap to corn starch chipples or shredded cardboard, but it’s much more expensive.

Some of you may find this company useful, especially the real cellophane bags for cards etc.


No sorry. All my parcels are wrapped up in brown paper and string. But I do reuse all bubble wrap that comes my way, I have never bought any! So I consider that a positive.
Suzzie x

Yes me! All my cards are made from recycled card and recycled paper envelopes. I pack them in corn-starch biodegradable sleeves and always try to send in reused envelopes.

Will add those tags now - I was wondering if there might be a way for searching for sustainable products. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a question. Spotted an Acrylic something or other on the Vegan Theme of the Day.
If veganism is all about not just saving the animals but also the world and if acrylic is made, as Google tells me, from plastic… how does that fit…is a plastic something better than a natural woolly thing.
Please don’t all jump on me, I am only wondering …

This is a hot discussion among yarn types like myself. Plastic derived fabrics such as acrylic shed micr-plastics in the wash so although vegan they are not environmentally friendly. There are more and more plant based fibres available such as yarn made from pineapple and mint (as well cotton, bamboo etc). You’d then need to research the environmental impact of growing these plants - cotton requires a huge amount of water. I use acrylics in some yarns as at them moment for baby knits they are just so much more practical. I am not vegetarian let alone vegan so I’d much rather source ethically produced wool (british sheep are not mulesed for example).

As for packaging, I reuse/recyle where ever I can so although I do not purchase any single use plastic for shipping I cannot say I’m plastic free as I do use plastics which I already have to hand.

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We use a green coloured bubble wrap that we are told breaks down in landfill or on a compost heap within 6 months. Wouldn’t dare post pottery without it.
Plastic has many good uses but chucking it away and not re using it is not making good use of it.
We used to wrap our stock in newspaper when packing up for fairs. Now we use bubble wrap as it gets re-used loads of time unlike the paper which was only any use for a few wraps and we don’t get many breakages.

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This is a timely thread for me as I have just run out of (saved and recycled) bubble wrap and was about to buy some more, but I now have to research something different! Also jiffy bags. I try to reuse them but sometimes they’re so tatty it’s embarrassing! Unfortunately the non-plastic ones are thicker than the standard and won’t go as a large letter with a gift box in, so I’ll have to raise my postage charges…
Then I think my gift boxes have synthetic wadding…it just goes on and on!


You could post on local sites for used bubble wrap or try Freecycle. Loads of people in my area are always requesting bubble wrap for moving. Or trying to get rid of it!


Maybe if people can add the tag ‘recycled packaging’ to their listings, we can link to those items too? @rosesworkshop @JOYSofGLASS @thistledownandHOPE @JenStarKnits @Dosrodgerspottery


Since last year, I’m gradually switching away from plastic, I use biodegradable clear bags for my cards but at the moment I still have to use cellophane bags for my watercolour paintings for obvious reasons and seeing how my mail has arrived soggy and wet this week I know I can post without.

Also I’ve found biodegradable mailing bags but a replacement for padded envelopes is harder to find. There are jiffy green which I use for painted stones but using for cards makes the postage expensive as they are heavy. I have found another type although at the moment they are too small for my cards so the search goes on.

My new range of cards, postcards, bookmarks and some of my gift tags are printed on 100% recycled cardstock and envelopes too;

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@JOYSofGLASS The definition for vegan is without the use of animal products, and although a lot of vegans may be doing it for environmental reasons and also try hard to be green, that is a separate thing. Something can be vegan and very bad for the planet, just as long as it hasn’t used animals in any way.

It does seem odd, but you’re imagining the sort of person who would be a vegan and putting their morals into what it should be, but for clear labelling you just have to think of the dictionary definition, because everyone’s idea of what should be vegan might be slightly different.

I hope those using compostable packaging are also informing their buyers of the best way to dispose of it, as apparently some of these take even longer to degrade in landfill than regular packaging, as it wasn’t designed for those conditions.
@Dosrodgerspottery bubble wrap that breaks down in either landfill or compost in 6 months sounds good though! I wouldn’t feel safe sending my paintings without some form of bubblewrap either, so I’ll have to look into that (although it’s going to be quite a while until I’m through with my current supply of bubble wrap, and I always think it’s best to use up and resuse what you’ve already got).


Kim I do agree re the vegan / environment thing. So many of the very pushy vegans do also promote themselves as doing it to save the planet. I suppose my glass is pretty vegan …not aware of any animal product in there but couldn"t guarantee it …but I would not tag it as such even if I were sure.

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hi tina - i was wondering if you would b able to tell me please what the clear bio bags you use for cards are.
thanks and best wishes, sally -x-:heart::blossom::heart:

Hi Sally, yes of course I will, they’re made from corn starch, I’ll find you the link later and let you have it. :blush:

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