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How well do you package your itms to buyer

hi everyone , im new to this and asking , when you send out your itm to the buyer how do you package? I mean extra fancy paper wrapped round or do you just put in a jiffy bag with a business card ? how far or much extra do you do ? or keep simple
Thanku for any tips x

Hi- I’ve always tried to keep it pretty but recently I’ve been trying extra hard.
I put my jewellery in a little cellophane bag, that goes in a pretty striped paper bag with a business card and tied with twine. I add a little Thank you note, and it all goes in a waterproof mailing bag.
My prints/Cards are packaged in a cellophane bag, then I put a little wrap of Tissue paper around them and tie it with twine- then again put in a waterproof mailing bag.
I don’t add bubble wrap anymore because it just pushed up the postage price, but as my jewellery pieces are all small and plastic, they are pretty sturdy and do travel safe with all those layers, the twine knot gives it a little cushion. Obviously bubble wrap is essential for some pieces though.

Simple, cheap options are best in my opinion.

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I tend to have new pretty inside packaging ie cellophane bag for cards, with my shop logo as the sticker thing that keeps the bag closed. Then surround with good quality recylced card for protection, then into a good quality clean recycled jiffy bag.

For other items I use tissuse paper with with either bakers twine, or ribbon or lace to tie around it with my little handmade tag with my Tagline on it. Then into the recylced jiffy bag.

But with every thing I do try to remember to pop in a Business card.

I also put in a Delivery Note which has my address, customers name and address, description and quanity of item. Mine have washing instructions as well at the bottom if it’s something that will require special washing instructions. I hand write at the bottom Thank you and sign it.

The delivery note is important you never know if you’re outer packaging will get damaged on route and the post office can then use the Delivery Note to check where it’s going. Also it means if the customer has ordered loads of items from all over the place they’ll see straight away which site your package is from.

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It depends of course on what you are posting.
I sell glass. Glass must be well packaged or it gets broken.
My glass goes out, most anyway, in microwave takeaway boxes with the suncatcher well wrapped in bubble inside and the box in a padded envelope with a 26 font size printed address label… Also enclosed is a suction hook, a business card, a typed despatch note showing purchase details and a photo (very useful for my purposes to know exactly what I posted) and a return sticker on the back.

The main idea is to pack whatever you are sending so there is no chance of it arriving in anything other than in the perfect condition it left you and also to make sure that the customer knows what they got and where from so if they like it they can return for more or tell their friends. And also just in case it goes astray in the post it can be returned to you.


i sell cards and pack these in a paper gift bag with a printed flyer or similar. then pack in a hard-backed envelope. if muliple order i pack in oneof thse shallow brown boxes.i add one of my stickers on the outside of the envelope. i try to match packaging to logo/banner etc - but this is quite difficult to do so do best i can.

i want to make sure the item gets there in perfect condition as well as making sure it has appealing packaging.i know that when i buy things, the way it it packed does affect how i think about the item so i think it is important.

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My cards are all in cello bags, I post them in jiffy bags stiffened by adding a piece of cardboard inside (both bags and cardboard are usually re-used from orders I’ve received) some of my cards have 3D decoupage on so the jiffy bag stops it getting too squashed and the cardboard stops them getting bent. I enclose the PayPal packing slip and a couple of business cards (one for the buyer and a second which they can pass on to the person receiving the card if they want)
The decoupaged canvasses I sell (more coming soon :slight_smile: ) are wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in their handmade gift box, again they’re posted in stiffened jiffy bags with PayPal packing slip and business cards.

I make fabric birds and animals. My small birds are wrapped in tissue paper, then with either ribbon or string wrapped round it to keep the tissue paper in place. This goes in a padded jiffy bag, with despatch note, a note on how to refresh the lavender smell, and a business card. Address on the front my return address on the back.
Larger items get wrapped in tissue or crepe paper, then go into a box for mailing, again with despatch note etc.
However after we had a discussion on Twitter on packaging during #folksyhour I bought myself a stamp of my logo, so I’m looking at ways I can improve how my packaging looks and the branding too.


I sell Lino prints- I used to send them flat and in a mount- but the cost just didn’t make sense. For the sake of a £1 mount- which granted does look better- but postage was at least £8 often a fair bit more due to the size.
So now I just send them in a tube. No mount of course- but it means postage regardless of the size of print is a set £4.40. Most frames are purchased with a mount anyway and it doesn’t seem to have stopped people buying.
What I tend to do is lie the print flat on tissue paper, and place some on top and roll it within the tissue paper fastening the tissue paper with one of my stickers. That then gets popped in a really chunky artists tube (you’d have to drive over them in a car to squash them!) I also pop in a business card and a receipt. I’ve had no issues sending like that and to be honest it means I don’t have to worry about the corners being accidentally bent or whatever.
I also stick a few of my stickers on the tubes- bit of free advertising I suppose!

Every now and then I have framed pieces but I tend to just sell them through Facebook and they usually stay local. Although a few have gone further afield and I’ve needed to package them up- postage is then about £13- which I always hate charging for!! :confused:

Like Joy @ @JOYSofGLASS I sell breakables, and it’s hard to make a ton of bubble wrap and cardboard around oddly shaped items ‘pretty’. But, I do get compliments on how well my items are packed, so it must look reasonably smart when it arrives. So I don’t think you have to flower up the packaging too much if you sell awkward shaped items, or ones that need fairly substantial packaging because they are fragile. Like Joy said, the main thing is it arrives in one piece, with a nice big printed address labels (mine are only 18 font, but they seem to work ok :wink: ) , and a something inside the package with your details on it, the Paypal packing slips are ideal for this. All depends what you’re selling though. If it’s jewellery, personally, I’d expect it to come in something ‘nice’ inside the mail packaging. Small gift box, organza bag, something like that.



I wrap my items in tissue paper and add bubble wrap if needed. I usually send out in a box or in a plastic envelope. I pop a handwritten thank you on a notelet.
When I’ve bought supplies they usually come in ziplock bags and a jiffy bag, as long as they are secure and the address is clear that’s all it needs.

PS If you are posting breakables the golden rule is: (according to my postie) :smile:
Don’t mark you parcel as fragile - those are the ones used for football practice at the sorting office.

Instead pack your parcel so it is drop proof. I have 3 different types of bubble wrap - small, large and compressed. I have A Lot of brown tape reels as that really does have super bounce properties and my friends collect cardboard for me. I get a lot of good feedback about my packaging even though I am sure sometimes it takes people several minutes to break through it !

If anyone wonders why I sellotape over the sealed flap of my padded envelopes even though they are self seal it is because I have had occasion to open them again after sealing them and know how easily the seal provided can be pulled open.


I also cellotape over the self seal flaps for the same reason!


Glad it’s not just me - sometimes wonder if I’m being a bit ineurotic :slight_smile:

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I wrap my jewellery in tissue paper with a ribbon bow and then place in a organza bag
then I put a layer of bubble wrap and place in a large letter postal box and tape all-round and across the label with clear tape. in side I do include a folksy receipt
If I use a padded envelope I also tape the flap and over the address label.

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I spend quite a lot of time packing. I use tissue paper and corrugated cardboard in pretty colours. I add a label with the name of my shop and the link (printed at home) and a thank you note… and I sellotape over the sealed flap of my padded envelopes too!


Oh no no no - I even cellotape over the address label to waterproof it :slight_smile:


Yep, do the envelope seal, and address label. And the return address label, and even a quick layer over the airmail stickers too :wink:


Forgot to say that. Me too :slight_smile:


Depends what it is. I find my dog coats take up a lot of bag space, so keep this to the minimum. But, other items I use tissue paper and my stickers with my name on and a business card, if I remember? I think the odd one has gone without a card! I try to make it look pretty. Oh and since I was informed my jiffy bags weren’t sticking well, I now sellotape them down.

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me too! :grinning: