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Packaging needs

(Carol Webb) #1

Hi all, I am looking into obtaining some packaging for my fused glass items…so boxes mostly. This would be for display I would then be packing in lots of bubble wrap etc to post.

I would be looking to have them printed with my shop name etc. I always appreciate good packaging when I have received and item I have ordered, definitely gives me the ‘feel good’ about a seller.

So if anyone knows of a supplier of such stuff I would be very grateful for the information. I live in Devon so local ish would be good but further away also.

Thank you in anticipation.

(Deborah Jones) #2

The Tiny Box Company do a vast range and will print

(Jet Spero) #3

For bubble wrap, try your local freecycle or freegle groups as it’s the sort of thing people will give away!

(Ali Joyce) #4

I’d recommend the Tiny Box Company too. Really good choice and quality.

(Carol Webb) #5

Thank you both, Tiny Box Company looks great.