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Panic buying

With some people ridiciously panic buying because of the corona virus just made me think… maybe we will have more sales if people are avoiding crowds in shopping centres ?


Must admit I already order a lot online, including groceries. This morning ordered things for the garden. So yes I am using a lot more.

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I hate shopping so I order a lot online too!


Lets not forget all those people who are going to self isolate (just as a precaution without actually being ill) but are going to end up bored out of their brains and so turn to internet shopping to pass the time.


It’s nice thinking, but unfortunately I think a lot of people will be worried about money if they’re not able to work from home and have to self isolate. Just have to hope there are more people with savings than living paycheck to paycheck.


I never thought of that!

Hope so…fingers crossed lol…I do most of my shopping online as well, shopping trips are hard work for me nowadays so online is a necessity, also we don’t have great shops nearby or in the nearest town. Ooh fingers crossed for more sales though that eould be great :grinning:

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