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Papercuts - new category?

Would anyone else here be interested in requesting a papercut category under the Art heading?

There are a lot of them on here, it would seem a good idea to me.

I’d really like to see a category for glass art too.

You can make your suggestions in the uservoice ( and yes due to the numbers of both paper cuts and glass art I think they should add those sections. However they will probably end up looking into how traffic gets there before adding the categories, ie do people come onto the folksy home page and then click through the headings to find those items or do they end up here (on a specific page) via a google search.
Had a quick look and there is already a request in for the addition of a glass category that you could add your vote and comments to but nothing about paper cuts.

Thank you very much Helen and Sasha for your replies. I have used all my votes for the time being but will try adding a request to the Suggested Features when I am able to.