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I've added my first items to my shop! How am I doing? 😊

It’s taken me long enough but finally I’ve added two items and will slowly be adding more (it’s taken me ages to edit and crop photographs for the two I’ve listed as I’m a Photoshop newbie).

Anybody fancy having a quick look and let me know how I’ve done so far? :blush:

I get this come up when I try and view your shop
"Bother! We couldn’t find that shop!"

Have you checked the URL is correct? If it is, there may be a glitch and you’ll need to contact folksy support.

I can find your shop if I search folksy but the link from the forums doesn’t work. I know you’ve said you’ve cropped your photos but an important note is that folksy crops the main one to square on our shop fronts and in search results so make sure that one is square or you loose bits of your image (you look ok so far).

I changed my username - where do I change it for the forums?

I remembered about the square pictures and the one I’ve added as my main picture I’ve cropped to square :confused:

Sorry, I see that you’ve said I’m okay with the square pictures so far :blush:

Aaah, that’s better. I just had to log out and back in.

Hi Nykie @GreenBeansandGinPapercuts

Welcome to Folksy :smiley:

I love your shop name. Your paper cuts are fab.

All the best with your shop. :tada:


Thanks Karen. It started off in my head as just ‘Green Beans and Gin’ and was that for about 2 years whilst I moved from craft to craft. Then I started papercutting and felt I needed to be a bit more specific :joy:

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@GreenBeansandGinPapercuts I favourited your shop on the other thread - Love your stuff, looking forward to seeing what other things you list :smile:

Do they take you long to do?

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Thanks Eskimo Circus. They vary, some take half an hour, some take 3 hours and that’s to cut. I have no idea how long they take to design. I’m fairly new with Illustrator so it’s a massive learning curve at the moment.

Luckily my husband took all my photographs, I just edited them or that would’ve taken FOREVER!

And I just favourited your shop back - I laughed out loud at some of your cards - they’re brilliant!

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I think you’ve got the makings of a very successful shop! I do hope you can get lots more listed before the Christmas rush begins. I can see your quirky pictures being very sought after for putting under the tree this year. All the very best to you!

Hi lovely looking great just pinned one of your items on Pinterest on my new board gift ideas !! Hope you do well :blush:xx

Thanks people :blush: