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Pastry cutters

Im after circular pastry cutters.
I went to my usual supermarket(Morrisons) but they only had the crinkle edged type.
I was wondering if, when you next do your food shop, to look out for which supermarkets sell the plain round variety, and let me know.

Lakeland do a 3" (8cm) plain round cutter. Not sure if it’s against any rules to post the link on here but if you go to their website and do a search you’ll find it.

Im sure i got some from Wilkinsons that if you have one near u. Also maby the pound shops?

Are you after metal or plastic or not bothered? I’ll have a look in Sainsbury’s next time I’m there. (FYI amazon has both sorts and I have a set of the tala plastic (ones smooth edge on one side crinkled on the other) which have survived a lot of kitchen based abuse over the years)

eBay £3.29 delivered for 6 metal smooth round biscuit cutters, saves the trawling round the shops :wink:

I bought a set from Lakeland a few years ago, there’s 6 in the set ranging from 5cm across to nearly 10cm and they are scalloped on one side but plain on the other, not sure if they still sell them but fairly certain I’ve seen something similar.

Thanks for replies and suggestions, I don’t mind what they are made of.

Upside down baked bean tin?..(can’t you tell that I grew up during hard times…lol)

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I’ve used a glass before :slight_smile: and used small empty bean tins as cake tins for mini Christmas cakes

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I don’t know about super markets but I’m pretty sure the range do them. The Range near me has a cake section with loads of cutters :slight_smile:

Great ideas, il give the glass idea a go. Ahh , the Range, we have one near(ish)by and Ive been meaning to go for ages.


Guess what. I looked in a cupboard at home last night, I found 1 round pastry cutter, half a dozen various sized square cutters, one side of them plain the other side wavy and a set of alphabet cutters(missing 3 letters). I still need a variety of circle cutters, but its amazing what I find in my cupboards.


I got some cute small ones from The Range. It was a set of three sizes for flower making I believe. The last time I went in they had loads more to chose from as well. I’ll tell you where I did get some in the past was home bargains, but I think it might have been around the Bake off season as I haven’t seen many there since.

Im sure il go there in the next week.
The clay arrived, Ive been experimenting.
Some bits are made with moulds and rubber stamps, the torso is free stylin’.

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Apparently takes 24/72 hours for clay to dry completely!!! This info wasnt on the site or packaging. I need to wait…which Im not good at.
HAs anybody tired DAS clay?

Ive been to Asda and Sainsburys today, Asda don’t do nice cutters but they do have the tools used to shape theings, Sainsburys have round and star cutters but they are quite pricey. Good to know they have them though.

I have some clay which is more like the clay I used in school, which is what I was after. I wondered how thick I should roll it out in order for it not to snap and break.

I have one of those sets of multiple sizes crinkled on one edge and smooth the other - they are tala and I bought them at Robert dyas - probably about £5 for the set?

Thanks Il take a Look.

I think the idea of using clay for my dolls is slowly depleating. I like clay but everything is rather squishy or crumbling, even after days of drying.
I had some mod roc and used that to make a few things, I think it may be the answer. I can make a body base out of scrunched newspaper and cover it in the plaster of paris covered bandage.
Ive made a couple of headwear items, a hat and marie antoniette style hair doo(glittered in gold) I shall have to see how those get on. The experiments continue.

These are the ones!

even cheaper than I thought :slight_smile: