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Paying fees before they're due

Is it possible to pay my listing fees before they are due?

I have wondered the same thing. On Ebay One can make a one time payment or let Paypal pay it automatically at end of the month. That would be a useful facility here.

I want to clear my account so that I can close my shop then reopen with a new URL that matches my shop name. I can’t find a facility to do it and its driving me mad :dizzy_face:

The answer I think is no.
Think it’s automated and the “pay” button doesn’t light up until the 1st of the month.
You might be able to do it via Folksy support in an “emergency” but as a general principle I think you have to wait for the system to do its billing run on the last day of the month.
Joy xx

Email admin and see what they can do for you. They are usually extremely helpful.

As it’s sunday you will no doubt get a Automated reply and a real answer on Monday.

I’ve emailed support and have had the automated response but was hoping that I had missed something! I’m feeling a bit silly as I’d started loading my new stock this morning before I noticed my mistake!
Thanks for your help x

I contacted them before christmas as I wanted to pay my outstanding bill before I went travelling and got the response that it was an automated system and they couldn’t over ride it to send out the bill early. I have heard of people who want to close their shops being able to get final bills early. Contact support and explain what you want to do and I’m sure they can sort something out.