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Payment of fees

Good evening all! Just a quick question, I want to pay my fees for listing items and it says I can pay via Paypal but my paypal needs money put into it which im trying to do but Santander are being a right bum hole and not letting me transfer money. When Folksy says “submitted” on the fees “invoice” does that mean they have went for the money themselves or do I still need to pay via Paypal. Hope this makes sense! also, not to blow my own trumpet but iv put up new items on the shop if you care to have a gander :wink:

Thankyou all

You would normally have you Paypal account connected to your bank account, or a credit card, or both…then if you go to pay something using Paypal and there are insufficient funds in Paypal they will automatically take it from the bank/card connected to the account.

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Folksy can’t take the payment , you have to make the payment.

ps love your new beasties , the fridge pig especially :slight_smile:

If I have insufficient funds in my PayPal account I usually just use the card payment option as it’s quicker/easier than transferring funds from one account to another, as others have mentioned Folksy don’t take it automatically (thank goodness :slight_smile: ) so you do have to make the payment if it says ‘submitted’ then it suggests that you have paid, you should be able to check on your PayPal account if a payment has gone through.

I have nothing to add to this but thought you might like to know that I spotted your alphabet bunting on the front page when I logged in :smiley: looks good.