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Suspicious emails

(Leathermeister) #1

Hi all
Has anyone had any purchases by or user name marywilson with a reply to I am a little suspicious as the person has sent 2 identical emails wanting immediate purchase purchase dispatch and asking weither we accept paypal and also wanting to know the condition of the items. The items she inquired about were the most expensive on the site and clearly state they are handmade by me and obviously new and that on the same page it clearly shows paypal as a pay option. This seems like two rather suspicious inquires any comments gratefully received.


Message I've received about a listing - weird feeling about it
(Margaret Jackson) #2

Have you seen this?

It’s the usual scam, ignore it.

(Minerva) #3

The email you received matches the typical phrasing and requests of scammers. Always in a rush, they are after the most expensive item and they mention PP. Two email addresses?? I received a similar one when I first opened a shop here - others have received something similar too. I would report it to Folksy.

(Leathermeister) #4

Thanks guys. Hubby who can be vindictive did a search for known scammers on a couple of sites and hey presto discovered that this is one of over 500 aliases of a scammer based in surprise surprise Lagos Nigeria. and tracked the computer IP address to an internet cafe based in the city this one of many scam email styles they use so a warning to everyone Ignore them. Under this particular scam they always pick on the most expensive items in the shop without having any details that any normal shopper would read in your descriptions. The scam generally means that you loose your product as they will not have arrived they will usually demand replacements which also will not arrived regardless of tracking. Then demand refunds but more often than not the shipping will be via one of their scam shipping companies of which they have several fake websites set up for the purpose which of course you will have to pay the shipping costs to them first by credit card. You can see whats coming next. in short avoid like the plague for that is what scammers are. Hazel PS the fella is also several Russian girls on dating sites as well.

(Minerva) #5

Another give away is the English used. It is not so good and new sentences start with a lower case letter. The initial email starts with introducing themselves…things like that.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

They always refer to the ‘item’ as the items rather than what it is say a ring.

They always ask questions to which the answer is clearly in the listing ie do you take paypal

They always go for your most expensive item

and they often go for new shops.

They will often follow up with they are an oceanographer and out at sea and wanting to for a realative.

(Grace Knitwear) #7

Just had this, this morning! Thought it was weird so came on here to see if any one had the same!

(Grace Knitwear) #8

Your H should work for the police/banks!

Crafting sleuths!


(Helen Clifford) #9

Yes, I had this one today, and forwarded it straght to admin.

(Leathermeister) #10

Thanks all for commenting, I did report it to Folksy.