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Paypal help required

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I’m getting a wee bit stressed and wondered if anyone has any suggestions.

I sent a money gift to a friend in the USA via paypal. I thought it was all ok as the funds came out of my paypal balance rather than my debit card.

Well it’s siting there say Unclaimed and the lady got an email supporting to be from paypal to say she needs to confirm her email address to claim the money. I’m afraid she copied the link and into her search bar and it doesn’t show her anything.

I’ve spoken to paypal myself and they said it’s unclaimed due because the lady needs to confirm her email address.

We have spoken back and forth and she confirms I’ve typed in the correct email address.

The funds are gone from my paypal balance and are now in some kind of limbo.

Can anyone suggest anything.

Do I just cancel the payment and try again or cancel and get them to send me a paypal invoice? If they did that wouldn’t that confirm their email address?

I really could do with some advice

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #2

Paypal seems to be a bit of a minefield. I think you need to have a business account though to send invoices through paypal (I could be wrong as Im new to the whole dealing with paypal thing myself)

Honestly I would cancel and try again if Paypal themselves arent being any more helpful. Your friend may need to set up her account properly before you try though to help stop this happening again. You can confirm e-mail addresses through the account settings.

I hope it gets sorted soon

(Sian ) #3

It sounds like your friend hasn’t got a PayPal account registered to that email address. It may be worth checking with her if:

  1. She has a PayPal account, and
  2. What email address that PayPal account is linked to. This will be the email address that she uses to log into PayPal.

If she doesn’t have a PayPal account, she’ll need to confirm the email address by following the instructions in the email sent from PayPal regarding your payment.

If she does have a PayPal address but it is linked to another email address, you can either cancel the payment and send it to the correct address, or your friend can add the other address (the address that you have sent the payment to) to her account in her settings to claim the payment that is currently in limbo:

Of course, if she does have a PayPal address and it is linked to the address you have sent the payment to, then she will need to contact PayPal Support!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

@sianfolksy big thank you for your advice :smile: