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Paypal payment Button

@sianfolksy and anyone else that may have this answer, please

I have a customer who has purchased a custom listing with no problem but did not pay at the time of purchase. She has been messaging me to say that she cannot find the Paypal button now. I am wondering if perhaps it is because she is on an i phone instead of a desk top.

To overcome this issue I am going to send her a Paypal invoice but I was hoping that someone could chime in as to whether this is a regular occurrence.

Many thanks, Leslie

If she is a registered user, she should be able to find the unpaid order on her dashboard under ‘purchases’.

If she is a guest buyer, she will have an email from Folksy with a link to the order. This will only be valid for 24 hours. After this you will either have to cancel the order and sell again, or raise a paypal invoice and mark the order as paid yourself.


Thank you so much. She is a guest buyer, I believe and that explains it! I really appreciate the assistance!

Kind regards,