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Paypal Postage Settings

(Christine Shephard) #1

OK, I need some help with my Paypal Seller Preferences setting, with regards to Postage.

In the past, I always had that little box ticked - the one that says to ‘override transaction profile settings’ - so that postage costs on Folksy were picked up correctly. Yesterday, when I was in paypal checking something, I noticed that little box was not ticked, and yet all my postage costs had been coming through ok. So I wasn’t sure whether to tick it again or not. Anyway, I did tick it and saved it, and today a payment came through without the postage. So, does that mean that I should untick it again?

Can you guys please check your paypal settings and let me know whether your boxes are ticked or not?

I even phoned paypal to ask them what I should do…and they didn’t know!

(Diane Burton) #2

My box is ticked and last time I had a sale on here everything came through OK (although I’ve not had a sale in a while so not sure how much help that is)

(Elaine) #3

Hi Christine, I’ve just checked mine and the box is ticked. My last sale on here was June and all went through OK postage wise.


(Christine Shephard) #4

Thank you, Diane @DeesDesigns and Elaine @elliestreasures.

I think I will tick the box again and hope that was just a one-off problem with the postage.

(melindaharney) #5

Its Ok. Try your best.