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Paypal Postage Settings

OK, I need some help with my Paypal Seller Preferences setting, with regards to Postage.

In the past, I always had that little box ticked - the one that says to ‘override transaction profile settings’ - so that postage costs on Folksy were picked up correctly. Yesterday, when I was in paypal checking something, I noticed that little box was not ticked, and yet all my postage costs had been coming through ok. So I wasn’t sure whether to tick it again or not. Anyway, I did tick it and saved it, and today a payment came through without the postage. So, does that mean that I should untick it again?

Can you guys please check your paypal settings and let me know whether your boxes are ticked or not?

I even phoned paypal to ask them what I should do…and they didn’t know!

My box is ticked and last time I had a sale on here everything came through OK (although I’ve not had a sale in a while so not sure how much help that is)

Hi Christine, I’ve just checked mine and the box is ticked. My last sale on here was June and all went through OK postage wise.


Thank you, Diane @DeesDesigns and Elaine @elliestreasures.

I think I will tick the box again and hope that was just a one-off problem with the postage.

Its Ok. Try your best.