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PayPal problems


PayPal have frozen my account for no understandable reason, so I can’t withdraw money… I wondered whether anyone else has had PayPal problems and if there’s another way of being paid - ie using my bank acount and not PayPal. For now I’ve put my shop on holiday mode and put up an announcement.

I might have to move everything to Etsy as you don’t need PayPal for that.

Any ideas?



Just checked my account and don’t appear to have any problems. I have always found them helpful if there were issues. Try talking to them, much more effective than trying to email IMO.

I’ve googled the problem and many people have had the same problem. I imagine phoning might be exasperating even if one is able to get to speak to anyone - interesting that you’ve found them helpful. I’ve just emailed so I’ll wait and see…then I’ll try phoning and hope it can get sorted.

Depending on your account PayPal limit the amount you can receive in payments/transactions. You can check what the limit is in your profile. Is it possible it is this? Maybe you’ve had a lot of sales.

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If your account is unverified and you receive large sums they freeze it while they verify that it is not a money laundering thing , some law they have to comply with. I had this a few years back, but am sure that they told me what was going on. It didn’t stop money coming in.

But I think maybe there is a problem at the mo too, as one day last week I could only withdraw a minimum of £90 - next day it was back to normal.


Thanks for the links Angela. I had filled out the check proceedure some weeks ago. I found out today when I phoned that the passport photo I sent was out of date and I didn’t know this. Now I’ve sent a new one hopefully everything will soon work. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the comment Deborah. I phoned PayPal today and found out why my limitations weren’t lifted ages ago. Now I’ve redone the checks required and hope that things will return to normal. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Must have been a horrible feeling when the account was frozen and you had no idea why. No idea you had to submit photos. Hope it’s sorted soon :slight_smile: Sounds quite stressful.

Sounds like you have it sorted.

It was stressful not knowing the problem which Paypal could have told me about. But they were very helpful when I phoned. All sorted now thank goodness! :slight_smile:

Thanks Sally, all sorted now :slight_smile: Paypal were very helpful when I phoned but I wish they’d told me the problem earlier - would have saved a bit of stress :slight_smile:

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