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Paypal sign up problems

(CrochetNotes) #1

Help! New to this but can’t finish signup with Paypal ie the Selling preferences & Checkout with PP options. What am I doing wrong please? can anyone help? Thanks

(Jill Fairbairn) #2

Hi I’ve just had an e mail from a customer who wasn’t able to complete their pay pal order… Not sure if it’s a glitch, just going to e mail folksy helpful people now X

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #3

Hiya, I’m new to this too having the same problem. I can’t see anything on my paypal account saying Selling Preferences. I’ve also e-mailed the support team at Folksy, i’ll let you know if i hear anything. J x

(Rebecca Evans) #4

Hi, My last two customers have been unable to complete their payments. I’m not quite sure what the problem is. Also I’m confused about credit card payments? Is it possible for people to pat by credit card or is there something else I would need to set up?
I will also e-mail Folksy x

(Jill Fairbairn) #5

I’m not sure about credit cards, sorry. This is the first time I’ve had any problem with payments, I’ll let you know if I find anything out x

(Rebecca Evans) #6

Me too, thanks :slight_smile:

(CrochetNotes) #7

Thanks - might be a Paypal issue then?

(CrochetNotes) #8

Thank you! I thought I was going mad…my only thought was maybe Folksy help guide was a bit out of date, but couldn’t even get into “payment methods” link from Paypal (which looked similar topic). So not sure…frustrated, as want to get started selling.

(CrochetNotes) #9

Thanks! Yes lets hope Folksy have the answer pretty soon…I understood the credit card method not to be so secure/private as PP but maybe we’re legally obliged to offer choice. If not, I’ll just stick to PP but it may put customers off…unless PP website sorts itself out.

(CrochetNotes) #10

Thanks. I was religiously following Folksy guide to signing up Paypal, or I wouldn’t have considered the credit card option either. Might be legal requirement though.

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #11

Your welcome, I though i was going mad too i’m glad i’m not the only one … i did wonder the same whether the Folksy guide was abit out of date as a couple of bits the guide referred too don’t show on my paypal profile page. The 2 small deposits the guide says for verification, Paypal has only asked me to do 1 and has shown my account as confirmed. I only found a way into the postage setting via a direct link that Folksy had on an update on it’s “Enabling Paypal Postage” guide, i still can not actually get into that section via my paypal profile page.

I sent a message to the folksy support last night, haven’t heard anything yet, will let you know when i do.

By the way I have used paypal with a debit card before setting up my paypal account, i used it as a guest to buy things from ebay & other companies using my credit/ debit card to pay i never have had a problem. As the customer it takes me to the secure paypal page and i popped in my card details and contact information and then it just contacts the bank to verify the payment. Paypal also then generates a receipt that it sends to my e-mail address. I’ve used it as a guest to pay a holiday cottage, my packaging from ebay and regularly to buy art materials from my art supplier.

Hope it gets sorted soon for everyone, i’m still setting up as i’m not official launching till 1st Oct when i launch my website too …Good luck Crochetbox Jx

(Cheekymonkeystudio) #13

Hiya Crochetbox,
After a week and a half of messages back & forth with Folksy & Paypal I’ve finally just got the correct information about setting selling preferences on the new page layout from Paypal. Below is what they sent and it works as i’ve just gone in and updated mine. Good Luck Jx

You can find ‘My Selling Preferences’ on the new layout by following the steps below:

Go to and log in to your account
At the bottom of the page, click Classic Site
Once the new page loads, click the Cog Wheel in the top right hand corner
On the left hand side, click My Selling Preferences
You will find your postage settings, and ‘account optional’ settings in this section.