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Can't check out

So I know 100% that I lose sales on here because people have problems checking out.

I know this as they usually end up on my website and order anyway…lucky I have a website!

However I am that person who has things in my basket and can’t check out.

It wants me to use paypal, I want to check out as a Guest with my credit card to keep business/personal shopping separate.

I will try again later but I suspect other people wouldn’t.

Just saying…

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Maybe the shop in question hasn’t got the credit card option set up on their paypal account? I’m sure you have to tick a box somewhere in paypal to allow it…or is that for buying, rather than selling?

So my basket is empty and I have no idea how to repay.

The bought items are the last sold item in that persons shop but how does one pay if they are sold.

This really does explain to me confusion my customers have had!

Go into your purchases on your dashboard - it should allow you to see the order there and pay for it.

@ciesse No you just go to the right hand side of the Paypal check in screen, just opt to check out as a Guest I do it all the time for my personal shopping, have done it on here earlier this week too!

Yes, I do the same, but I’m sure sellers have to allow it on their paypal account, or the option doesn’t appear.

Don’t know - can’t pay for my shopping though and have any more time to pursue it now! Have messaged the seller!

If I were a casual buyer swinging past I wouldn’t swing back to do this I think I would go elsewhere…

In the paypal ‘seller preferences’ there’s a section called ‘website preferences’, scroll down and there’s something called ‘paypal account optional’. Mine is showing as ‘ON’, which allows buyers to pay by credit/debit card if they want to.

I don’t know whether this only applies to other websites, or whether it’s needed for Folksy sales too, but most sellers wouldn’t be aware of it - if it defaults to ON that’s not a problem, but maybe it doesn’t always default to ON.

It could be why some people have problems buying with a debit/credit card instead of a paypal account.

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It’s got to the point now were I can’t buy anything on most selling platforms.
Because PayPal are having problems with mobile paying. Its been a year since i could pay with out a problem.
It puts me off.

So I can see how people feel

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I have bought from this seller the same way with a card in the last 10 days (should have bought this card when I bought the other!) so I know it normal works ok.

Will revert to paypal if all else fails but I really really do think this is why you get that “sale” notification here and then no payment. I definitely don’t get that anywhere else that I sell x

Could it depend what 'machinery" you are using… Pc, Tablet, Phone, Android or Apple ?
I’ve realised that using Paypal on my Android phone I can’t issue a refund which is aggravating so I must have a limited version of the App but it is up to date.

I am on my PC Joy @JOYSofGLASS so it really should be a simple process I believe!

I hope you’ve let support/ admin know that you are having problems. They were asking that we let them know the details including things like pc/phone/tablet, operating system, browser, nature of the problem. The more occurances they are aware of then the better they can understand the issue and work with paypal to fix it (or the more they might be persuaded to put in a direct check out facility that doesn’t use paypal).
I totally get the desire to keep business and personal separate and I solved that by setting up 2 paypal accounts attached to different bank accounts and email addresses (but we shouldn’t have to go to that length if we don’t want to).

Yes @SashaGarrett all info passed through to support. I do have 2 separate payrolls but 1 is Dottie Designs and the other British Crafters! Wouldn’t really want to have a 3rd and never needed it. :slight_smile:

Certainly should. Must be something amiss.

Yay! I tried again and it worked! Phew! Something’s not right though :slight_smile: x

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