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Pedddle Creative Collaboration Market

Morning! I hope everyone is well.
I was just wondering if there are any Folksy sellers out there who are taking part in Pedddle’s Creative Collaboration Market on Saturday.
I would like to include those who are in my #folksy-friday tomorrow!
I look hearing from anyone who is involved.
Many thanks

Hi - I’m taking part. It will be my first online market so I’m not quite sure what to expect but I’m looking forward to it :blush:

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Brilliant, good luck with it!
Will add you to my Folksy Friday!
Helen x

Do let me know if there is a particular item you would like promoting x

Thank you.
It would be great if you could include one of my shawls perhaps this one

Or this one

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Will do. Thank you x

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Hi Helen- I’m also taking part in the online Pedddle market tomorrow. I would love to feature I you Folksy Friday but I would also love to know how to do my own Folksy Friday as I keep seeing them! :joy: A collage of pics are puns a Folksy logo? X

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Hi. Of course, will add you to mine. Any particular item you would like including?

Re how to do them: once I’ve picked my theme for Folksy Friday, I search through Folksy and ‘Love’ the items so I can keep a track of them in my ‘Favourites’ list. I save the 8 chosen images, then upload them in a collage app on my phone along with a Folksy logo and some text explaining what the theme is.
Hope that helps! It definitely gets easier once you have done a few.

Thanks I need the app on my phone and my teenage daughter I think! I will definitely give it a go later. For me any of my notebooks would be wonderful! Thank you so much :slight_smile: x

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Tee hee! My eldest is only 8 and he already helps me with IT things! :wink:

Do you pick your own theme for Folksy Friday?

Yes, can be anything. If your stuck for an idea, Folksy ‘theme of the day’ is always a good one.
I often think about seasonal things, or any special events going on in my life (eg when daughter was in nativity play (Little donkey), back to school, colour schemes/ favourite colours, when particular animals or birds are about, when certain flowers are out, selection of sellers in your area, national days etc…)
Hope that helps!
Helen x

Thank you :pray:

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Annie Did you know your link here doesn’t go to your Folksy shop. Have you changed your shop name a little

Hi Joy, thanks for contacting me, I’ve tried the link you posted and it does to go my shop som a bit confused as to which link you meant? :thinking:

I think it might be my username as I changed it. I will check with Folksy thank you x

Thanks all. Board done for tomorrow! x

That’s a great idea Helen. @AnnieRosie - there are instructions on how to create a Folksy Friday collage here :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Camilla x

Thanks Camilla - I’ve sent an email to support as Floral Linings should be my username not AnnieRosie?

I’ll have a look at the instructions and thank you @Lellibellecards for including me :heart_eyes:

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