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Photo error when trying to list!

(Karen Ellam) #1

Ok I’m trying not to panic lol :blush:

Is anyone else experiencing errors when adding photos to a new listing this morning?

I’m gutted as I had set aside some time today to finally list some new goodies.

It could be a problem with my tablet but I just wondered.


(Roz) #2

Just changed the photos on 3 of my listings with no problems - sorry that won’t comfort you!

(Debbie Tanner) #3

I have had problems in the past and given it half an hour and its been ok again… hope you get them listed. x Debbie x

(Dawn Sneesby) #4

I was having the same trouble last night couldn’t upload any photos without getting photo error. I was using laptop so don’t think it will be your tablet.

(Karen Ellam) #5

Ok thanks Roz. I guess I need to start tinkering about with settings… Gulp!


(Karen Ellam) #6

Thanks @PatchouliJewellery @dawnsneesbyjewellery

I think I will give it a break and have a coffee then. :smiley:
Fingers crossed xx


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

I had that trouble a while ago.
I ended up clearing my history and everything was ok after that.

(Karen Ellam) #8

Well I gave it 10 minutes while I slurped on a brew and I’ve just managed to list an item with no problems. Must have just been a little glitch.

Whoop :smiley: