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(Kate Turner) #1

Please dont shoot me if this is in the wrong section.

Can someone please remind me how we can show a photo in say fancy a cuppa that is not connected to your shop, or if you have made something and would like to show it, just because you can.
I remember it being a little complication but any help would be apprciated. I would love to show you little Bella that my 3yr old little grandson got me after one of my cats died.
Also a lovely wrap i made for myself

(Elaine) #2

Hiya, not sure this is what you’re after, but it works for Folksy so guessing it works for other links/photos:

If you want to just add a photo: select the little arrow symbol from the selection shown upon the box you type your post. It’ll say “add an image” and will be highlighted to “from a device”. Choose your photo file and it should come up.

If you want a photo with a link: do as above but then choose “from the web”, then click “show more” in the bottom right of that box. Photos will need to be stored somewhere where you can obtain a URL (like Photobucket or on your blog etc). Right click on the image itself, select “Copy image URL” and then paste it into the “link to image” section. Copy and paste the web page URL and paste in the second section “link your image will point to”.

Then press “upload”.

Hope it works! Elaine

(Kelly) #3

Elaine @elliestreasures is right. x


Hi there,
If you just want to upload a photo straight from your pc or phone just click the little upload a photo icon at the top of the message box, it’s a little arrow pointing up. :smile:
Donna x