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How do I put Pics on these messages please?

(Linda Leonard) #1

Mornin struggling a little ,how do I post pics on messages from my camera roll and from my shop ?
Any advice welcome thank you :smile::smile:

(Sasha Garrett) #2

To add a link to an item in you shop: hit return to start a fresh line and then paste the url to the appropriate page then hit return again. The item photo/ details should auto load at that point.
To add a photo: click on the 7th icon from the left of the icons that appear at the top of the box you type in to leave a reply - it looks like an arrow pointing up from a rectangle. This brings up a new window where you can select upload from device (or upload from web), then click on browse, search through your computer to find the desired image, click open and then upload. That should do the trick.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

just make sure youi’ve not hit the space bar before pasting the URL of your shop item as then the item photo doesn’t show up only the item information.

(Linda Leonard) #4

Thank you Sasha,not tried the first bit ,but managed to post pics in my message ,thank you for your information.
Cheers Linda

(Linda Leonard) #5

Thank you for your quick reply​:smile::smile: