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Photos not showing

(Roz) #1

I am unable to view photos of any items on Folksy today - all I get if I go to view an item is the top 1cm of the photo. I have tried on my iPad as well as my laptop and have tried a different server but the problem is still there. sI have contacted support but just wondered if it was just me or whether others are having the same problem. It would be a shame if on one of the busiest shopping days of the year customers are unable to view our items.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

I can see photos fine - I’m on my laptop. Hope it gets fixed quickly for you though.

(Lynn Britton) #3

I’ve got the same thing happening Roz, only the top part of the photo showing.

(Angela R Connah) #4

I’ve got the same thing, showing either part image or no image at all.

(Carolyn Grant) #5

Same problem here.

(Roz) #6

In a way I wish it was just me and then the customers would be able to see things. lets hope it gets sorted soon.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

Sounds like a loading issues I get it from time to time for sites with lots of images.

(Laura MacDonald) #8

No help, but same problem here. :frowning:

(Pauline Hayward) #9

I have the same problem and I’ve got a discount code which I’ve introduced for Black Friday. I’m hardly going to sell anything if customers can’t see my items.

(Deborah Jones) #10

I noticed this on the front page last night- hope it gets fixed quickly.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

Some of mine aren’t loading this morning.

They are all there when you come to my shop front. Click on one and it takes you to the item page and you see all the photos at the botton however the main first photo the large one is not loading.

But then I’m having loading issuses with a lot of sites this morning.

(Planeteventsdirect) #12

Yes, I am having a similar problem when listing new items…only half the picture loads onto the photo template…unfortunately I have become so used to this, that and the other going wrong that I will just leave it and list the item somewhere else.


(Sarah Lambert) #13

Same here, on the home page too :person_frowning:

(Annie Storkey) #14

Yep, same problem, thumbnails are visible but not the main pic.

(Roz) #15

Had email from support saying they were looking into it, then one to say all was now OK…which it wasn’t! I have emailed them back to say so but heard nothing further - heres hoping they are still working on it!

(Sian ) #16

Hi, sorry about this - we have been working on it this morning and we’re deploying a fix in the next 10 minutes which should hopefully resolve it but I’ll keep you posted.

(Sian ) #17

Apologies for the confusion. We weren’t seeing the error on your images from here at that time, but that’s not to say we considered the issue was resolved.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #18

woohoooo my internet just speed up and all the photo’s on here are showing, the pages are loading quicker.

On wanelo is now loading properly as is another forum I’m on that’s very heavy on images.

I guess mind was due to virgin media lol

(Sian ) #19

Thanks so much for your patience. Everything looking good here now. If you spot any more problems please give us a shout here and/or at

(Roz) #20

All better now, thanks